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Inflatable figures cartoon characters and characters

Inflatable figures cartoon characters, famous characters, figures in the image of professional activity, the builder, doctor, cook, engineer - you can buy.

Inflatable figures of cartoon characters, famous characters can be divided into two types - these are static figures and figures that perform dynamic movements. However, regardless of the performance, inflatable products are able to attract the attention of the public, thanks to their well-known origin and realistic production of structures.

It is the latter that is decisive, so the images taken from the professional activity, be it a builder, doctor, cook or engineer, cope equally well with their advertising duties, attracting customers to your building materials store, cafe, medical institution and so on.

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In stock
Inflatable Snowman Premium 3 m Inflatable New Year's Snowman Premium Snowman Premium 3 m
35 100
Height, meters: 3
Presence of illumination: Yes
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Snow Maiden Snow Maiden 2 m Snow Maiden 2 m and Santa Claus
18 000
Height, meters: 2
Presence of illumination: not
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Snowman 2 m
19 100
Height, meters: 2
Presence of illumination: not
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