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Aerial advertising

Inflatable aerial advertising is the ability to make inflatable logos, brands, souvenirs, copies of products, animals and animals, large letters. 3d layout for free!

Inflatable aerial advertising for a few years its niche. It can be seen where traditional advertising methods do not work: near the entrance to the building, office, store or pharmacy, at events and exhibitions. Inflatable advertising structures tell about the product / service and suggest where to find them. Air advertising - thanks to unusual and realistic forms, is remembered and attracts selfies, after which the photo on the page in the social. Networks are on the display of many people. Inflatable air advertising figures - it is always impressive and effective, in terms of costs and benefits!


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Everyone knows advertising is the engine of commerce. Using her tools, the entrepreneur communicates to the buyer the advantages of the product or service. And if advertising tricks are known to many, for example, the positioning of a product as exceptional, then with ways of attracting attention, everything is not so clear. It's hard not to agree, but every year it becomes more and more difficult to attract the public. Therefore, in response to challenges, new promotion tools appear on the market, one of which is aerial advertising.

Its feature lies in the fact that the inflatable product can be given almost any shape. Therefore, it is possible to make logos, brands, souvenirs or copies of products. The secret to the success of an inflatable figure is simple, visible from a respectful distance, it attracts attention with its realistic forms. People who come out of curiosity, are photographed against the background of it, or by reading learn about your service.

Imagine what could be more interesting for people than, for example, an unusual large soda can or a pack of mayonnaise in full growth? We work, turnkey finished products are delivered throughout Russia and the CIS.

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