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Flame imitation and aerofontana

Flame imitation is a vivid effect of live fire created by streams of air and flowing fabric with light. Excellent decoration of the holiday and the scene, especially in combination with the aero fountain. These are safe designs of own production. Convenient delivery in Russia and CIS to the door!

Flame imitation and dynamic aerofountains for holiday decoration: ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Bright lighting, manufacturing of all sizes and shapes for individual orders. Spectacular decoration tool and attract attention!

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Buy imitation of flame and aerofontan - "AEROMIR"

Stage equipment - behind this combination of words there is a whole complex of equipment, which creates a celebration along with the performing artists. It provides high-quality sound, light and "picture". The last component opens the greatest scope for creativity. Trying to surprise the audience, each time the organizers choose more and more interesting, non-trivial options for decorating the scene, for example, such as imitation of a flame and aero fountains.

Why exactly they? Because the columns or arches of inflatable balls today do not impress anyone. Perhaps, they will soon completely cease to pay attention. Other, also static, design methods serve as a backdrop and also do not produce the desired effect.

If you need something special, more dynamic, lively, the equipment for the stage, working by the flow of air, will solve the problem. In particular, the imitation of the flame will introduce movement, will become a memorable entourage or even a “participant” in the festive event (after all, it happens that you need to portray fire on the stage!). And aero fountain is indispensable for large-scale promotions or corporate events. In addition to purely aesthetic functions, it will also perform advertising. The information printed on its shell will once again remind potential customers of your company's products or services.

Such scenic designs are also good because they are absolutely safe and easy to operate. The protective box in which the fan is hidden, and the fabric cover attached to it, can be easily moved from place to place. The main thing is that every time the plug reaches the nearest outlet. Working equipment is not capable of causing any harm to a person or surrounding objects. It is not noisy, so it can be used both in open space and indoors.

As you can see, one pluses. Of course, this spectacle also has disadvantages. Rather, he is alone: ​​to look at it is impossible!

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