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Buy on credit or installments

Buy children's inflatable trampolines and commercial attractions on credit or installments, inflatable products and attractions from 0% per month. Favorable conditions, quick decision-making on requests.

Расчет кредита
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4 651 руб.
Сумма кредита:
55 812 руб.
проценты банку 5 812 руб.

The calculation is as close as possible to the real cost of an installment plan or loan, but the Bank’s employee will sound the exact cost of the product when confirming the application.

Production enterprise AEROMIR together with a bank partner of Credit Europe Bank JSC (general license of the Bank of Russia No. 3311 dated February 4, 2015) prepared an affordable solution for the purchase of inflatable attractions, trampolines for children, modules, finished products on credit or by installments.

The installment plan is a universal credit product, at which, the manufacturer “AEROMIR” will pay interest to the bank for you. Customers can use convenient installment terms from 6 to 12 months, with an initial payment of 50%. There are no restrictions on early repayment, starting from the first month, payment of the loan without interest. Important! In installments discounts on finished products are not available. Overpayment for the product 0%.

A loan is a classic loan product with a term of 6 to 48 months, with an initial contribution of 10%. The total interest rate is 20.8% per annum, while the manufacturer can provide a discount and other special conditions for the purchase of goods.

For any type of installment plan and loan, you will need a minimum set of documents, and filling out a simple application on the website. A Bank employee will contact you, resolve all issues, and advise on how to increase the chances of a positive decision.

Terms of loans:

  • Loan term: from 6, 10, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 months.
  • Loan amount: from 100000₽ to 1500000₽.
  • Down payment: from 10% to 90%, depends on the purchase price, the minimum amount for a purchase is 25,000 Rubles.
  • Interest rate 20.8% annual

Required documents:

    • Passport RF

If the installment / loan amount exceeds 300 thousand rubles, an additional document will be required:

    • International passport
    • Driver's license
    • Certificate of TIN Assignment
    • Certificate GPF (pension insurance).

Additional documents (with the amount of the loan / installments over 600 000 thousand rubles):

  • Original help 2-NDFL for the last 4 months.
  • A copy of the workbook, certified by the employer.
  • Extract from the current account of the Borrower in a bank with a bank seal, for the last 4 months, for an amount not less than the amount of income indicated in the Application.