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Custom-made inflatables for advertising, trade shows and shows

Individual inflatable figures: pneumatic suits, hermetic figures and figures with constant pumping is the best tool for effective and unique design of your business. Own production of inflatable shapes to order at low prices. Convenient delivery in Russia and CIS to the door!

We produce inflatable shapes to order - one of our activities, and at the same time the most difficult and most beloved. Exactly to realize the idea of ​​the client is very difficult, for this we have to include all our potential. Experts of "AEROMIRA" successfully solve the problem of making large inflatable advertising figures, 3d layout for free!


Products from the category inflatable figures

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Inflatable figures to order - manufacturer AEROMIR

For the manufacture of inflatable figures and designs in this category, we use the whole variety of production technologies. There are stationary and mobile structures; permanent swapping and airtight; branded fully and partially; stitched and glued, welded.

In most cases, such figures are used for advertising, including BTL, that is, for indirect advertising. So, many of our customers order inflatable copies of their products in order to use them to stimulate sales and conduct promotions. This increases brand awareness, attracts the attention of consumers and, most importantly, annoys no one. On the contrary, as a rule, beautiful, bright, unusually large goods become objects of universal admiration: everyone wants to be photographed with them!

The same goes for pneumosuits. They are in a hurry to embrace and greet the children, and adults, pacified by such a positive, are ready to take a leaflet from the giant’s hands or look at the point of sale of your products. You can, of course, buy an inflatable costume, but the finished products on the market are not very diverse. And certainly their appearance does not contain any elements of your corporate identity. Apply the logo, use the company colors or shape the thematic character - all this is possible only when making a costume to order.

For whatever purpose you need an inflatable structure, however unreal it may seem to you - contact us. We know how to make the impossible possible. And they did it more than once.

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