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Comprehensively approaching the purchase of the attraction itself and ordering additional equipment in advance, you will ensure a stable and safe operation of your business. Be prudent and remember: "foresight is half the victory."

"AEROMIR" is a manufacturing enterprise. We make inflatable structures. We know the subtleties of business and the process of operation - from personal experience and from the words of our customers. As practice shows, for the smooth operation of inflatable structures and attractions you need a number of additional related products.

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First of all, we are talking about such a necessary thing as a spare trampoline fan. Even the best quality air pumps can sometimes fail. Most often this happens due to elementary non-compliance with the rules of operation. By providing this, you will be insured against forced downtime.

AEROMIR directly cooperates with one of the leading manufacturers of this equipment. We offer modern, reliable units, tested by the harsh Russian climate and positively proven. Air pumps of various capacities are always available in our warehouse. Therefore, we can buy a trampoline fan quickly and without unnecessary trade margins.

One more thing we strongly recommend to acquire is bedding under the trampoline. It will protect the base of the product from damage. Many business owners in amusement rides do not attach any importance to this. But only until the bottom of the trampoline begins to appear scuffs from contact with the asphalt or punctures due to a variety of small items that can be hidden in the grass. But an inexpensive and completely uncomplicated thing can prevent these troubles.

You can buy a litter for a trampoline by contacting us. "AEROMIR" will quickly make a product of the desired size (it should protrude from the edge of the trampoline at least one meter on each side) and configuration - with special holes for attachment to the surface.