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Inflatable hangars and tents

Prefabricated inflatable hangars and PVC and Oxford tents will provide weather protection in all conditions. Own production of inflatable hangars and tents at low prices. Convenient delivery in Russia and CIS to the door!

In the category of inflatable hangars and tents, various air-supported structures are combined. They differ slightly in design, thermal conductivity, gas-containing properties and the ability to pass moisture. It is related by the fact that such “buildings” keep their shape solely due to the air inside the shell, made of Oxford or PVC synthetic fabrics.


Products from the category inflatable hangars and tents

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Buy an inflatable hangar or tent - "AEROMIR"

Pneumatic constructions of this type are needed where the installation of a heavy, stationary structure is impossible or unjustified. They are used as inflatable hangars for maintenance and storage of equipment, as temporary warehouses and shelters, field headquarters or even trading facilities . In other words, the range of application is very wide. This is due to the simplicity of their transportation and installation, low weight and mobility.

Inflatable tents are very popular today. They, of course, have nothing to do with travel. Actually, they are called tents mainly because of their small size compared to the hangars. They are in demand as field hospitals (separate modules and as part of complexes), temporary housing or heating points, shelters for various works (maintenance, diving, archaeological, etc.) and gliders, for organizing on-site corporate events of various nature.

Production enterprise "AEROMIR" produces two main models of inflatable hangars, as well as inflatable tents. Hangars of the type "BC-1" have an inflatable frame, the elements of which are connected by so-called "membranes". This reduces the overall weight of the product, the consumption of material, and hence the cost.

BC-2 hangars are, in fact, many inflated cylinders tightly fastened to each other. In fact, the walls of the product are obtained completely inflatable, and air, as is well known, is characterized by low thermal conductivity. This is an important property if it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature inside.

Our inflatable tents are dome-shaped and compact in size. They can be equipped with one or two entrances and transparent "windows", which is very convenient when you need a review.

Ordering a pneumatic building in the company " AEROMIR ", you get tents and inflatable hangars from the manufacturer, that is, you get products with guaranteed quality at the best price.

Whatever advantages inflatable hangars may have, the price will interest you, of course, not least. Compare it with the cost of other pre-fabricated structures, and you will be convinced of the efficiency of the air-supported counterparts, especially given the possibility of their multiple movements. After all, a stationary building cannot be taken with you, and an inflatable one is easy!

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