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Car dealerships, car service centers, tire service, spare parts stores, car washes

Effective advertising for car dealerships, service centers, tire stores, parts stores, car washes.

How to advertise a car dealership, car service center, tire shop, spare parts shop and, finally, a car wash? Perhaps you can promote through the Internet, place an ad on street billboards, launch a slogan on the radio, but it is likely that advertising can fly past. As often, as you yourself know, the client behaves somewhat differently, choosing the place where the service is provided. He goes to the nearest tire changer to change tires, calls in to buy a light bulb on the way to the parts store, or “flies” on a car wash on the way home.

Therefore, with such consumer behavior, carriers placed near your object become effective advertising. For example, an inflatable wheel on the support, a large tire, a figure of a person in overalls. Designs are visible from afar, and thanks to an unusual look, but clear style, they will easily and clearly tell about the services provided.

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Advertising photozone transparent sphere Promotional wonder ball sphere basic advertising space
100 600
Ball base: metal frame, tabletop
Fan 1: for photozone without snow effect 210W, 50 GHz, 220V
Fan 2: for photozone with snow effect 160W, 50 GHz, 220V
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