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Winter attractions - tubing, sled-cheesecakes, bananas

Own production of winter rides, tubing, winter bananas, zorba of all sizes wholesale and retail. Individual production of reliable commercial attractions. Durable products for use at low temperatures. Low prices . 1 year warranty! Fast delivery in Russia and the CIS.

In a country where the snow lays much longer than the three months it has set, love for winter attractions: tubing, sleds, a winter banana and other fun is natural and understandable. Moreover, winter has always been an entertainment season. After all, in the summer from dawn to dusk, people were busy with hard work. And only in the cold season it was possible to have fun carefree. Traditions are preserved to this day. Only inventory has become more modern. More in our catalog!


Products from the category winter attractions - tubing, sled-cheesecakes, bananas

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Big winter inflatable slide Big winter inflatable slide Big winter inflatable slide
890 000
Sizes, m: 15 х 12 х 11 м
Capacity, seats: 20 чел./ ~650 кг.
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Inflatable winter slide trampoline Inflatable winter slide Full-color print on a winter hill
750 000
Sizes, m: 14 х 8 х 9,7 м
Capacity, seats: до 16-18 человек, максимальный вес 600 кг
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Small winter slide Winter slide for riding Inflatable Winter Slide
410 100
Sizes, m: 9 х 5 х 7 м
Capacity, seats: 10-12, максимальный вес 350 кг.
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Winter Attractions 2019

Tubing, cheese sleds, bananas and the most popular winter rides have recently evolved and become inflatable. Such equipment has many advantages. When blown away, it has a very modest size and weight; You can store and transport it in a small bag that fits in the trunk of even a small car. But it is necessary to inflate - and the flat shell turns into a full-fledged, functional, reliable product. This also applies to very small things, such as tubing, and rather large ones, like the winter zorb.

What is tubing, or sled cheesecake?

Soft, comfortable and fast-paced, they are an excellent alternative to the old, proven, but so heavy grandfather sled. To ride them is sheer pleasure. And it is also not difficult to observe the well-known saying calling for a sled, even for a child. Light and "obedient" tubing, like a dog on a leash, will climb behind the owner even on the steepest hill.

To become the happy owner of tubing for cheesecake is simple: its price is more than democratic. Especially if you buy this equipment directly from the manufacturer. So you not only save a lot, but also get the opportunity to order a product of your favorite color or with any special options.

Winter banana

Of course, the choice of tubing is not limited. This category also includes such a seemingly integral attribute of any beach, as the attraction “Banana”. Mentioning it here is not at all a mistake. This high-speed projectile equally well furrows and water, and snowy expanses. Although, of course, use in the cold season requires making certain changes in the design and use of special materials.

Winter rides are made of polyvinyl chloride. It has a density of 850 to 900 g / m² (PVC of different density goes to different parts of the products), does not get wet in the snow and does not burst from low temperatures. This material glides perfectly on the snowy surface, providing a soft, smooth ride and a quick set of speed. By a combination of these characteristics it has no equal.

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