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Shipping and payment

We work all over Russia, delivering finished products to the regions, countries of the CIS and Central Europe at the most favorable tariffs. Free delivery to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg!

working Mon.-Fri. from 07:00 to 16:00 (Moscow time),
Saturday and Sunday - day off.

The delivery department is 24/7 at any time convenient for you; do not forget to notify your personal manager and we will arrange for any time of dispatch from our warehouse.

Contact numbers and addresses:
8 800 555 62 41 toll-free in Russia,
+7 (499) 705-82-41 single multichannel phone in Moscow,
+7 (996) 174-39-79 write Whatsapp or Viber,
manager@airmir.su and sale@airmir.su email.

Delivery terms in Russia and the CIS

There is free delivery in Russia: to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Terms of delivery from our specialists. Delivery is carried out to the terminals of transport companies, which we choose based on reliability, optimal tariffs and delivery times. There are restrictions on the free delivery of bulky goods (for goods or groups of goods with a volume of more than 2 m³ and weighing more than 90 kg. Terms of free shipping are calculated individually).

Production enterprise AEROMIR not only designs and manufactures inflatable trampolines, commercial rides, aeromen, inflatable scenes and large promotional balloons, but also organizes delivery to any region of Russia and neighboring countries in a professional and profitable way. Delivery by road, rail and air transport.

For the convenience of our customers, we cooperate with major transport companies in Russia, including foreign partners, who are able to deliver the goods not only on time, but also in full guarantee that nothing happens on the road with it!

The procedure for calculating the cost of delivery

Calculation of the approximate cost of delivery of our products from the cities of presence can be calculated in the calculator. The most complete delivery consultation will be provided by a personal manager, you will not have to think about how many places the order will take in groupage cargo, how much, calculate additional delivery parameters, we will do all this for you.

We will inform not only about the shipment, provide the tracking code, but also take care and check that the order arrives on time. It remains only to take your order and start using it!

Approximate calculation of the delivery of goods

The cost of delivery of a children's inflatable trampoline "Castle of the Dragon" to Moscow from 1980 rubles, to the pickup point, or 2,750 rubles to targeted delivery.

The cost of delivery of a children's inflatable trampoline "Castle of the Dragon" to Astana (Kazakhstan) from 2280 rubles, to the pickup point, or 4,150 rubles to targeted delivery.

Delivery across the CIS

We pay special attention to our partners from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan. Delivery of goods across the border have their own characteristics. We will take care of all the troubles, as if we were delivering an order in Russia!

Terms of payment

Production enterprise "AeroMir" - provides services for the individual manufacture of inflatable pneumo for business. All products have an individual production character, which we coordinate with the customer.

Flexible payment system allows you to start the product in production with an advance payment of 60%. The terms and conditions of full payment after delivery of the goods are individually recorded in the contract and agreed upon by the personal manager.

Please note that all products from availability are paid in full, at the rate of 100%. Discounts for full payment of goods from availability or under the order are provided individually and can be negotiated with your personal manager.

Payment Methods

We work with legal entities and individuals by bank transfer. Each production task is executed by a contract, order sheet and invoice with the product specification, which can be paid for by bank transfer, or in cash at any bank branch.

A single phone for delivery and payment:
8 800 555 62 41

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We will independently and free deliver your order to any transport company in our region!