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The best way to draw attention to the brand to buy aeromen is an inflatable figure from fabric tubes with a fan, giving the dancer a random movement. Production and sale at low prices. Convenient delivery in Russia and the CIS!

Aeromen is a dynamic inflatable structure made of fabric tubes and a fan, moving in a messy dance or an airy dancing man, if in a simple way. Today it is both an effective advertising tool and a colorful design element. The secret of his popularity is movement. Rising air flows from two fans make the shell dance (from the English airdancer), literally. Due to this ability, inflatable aeromen in bright “clothes” cannot leave the public indifferent.


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ГОСТ Р 53487-2009
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Buy inflatable aeromena - "AEROMIR"

No matter how demanded aeromena, buy them, fortunately, not a problem. But, to be honest, not all manufacturers keep inflatable products in stock for sale on the same day. And, if you even find one, then this is half the battle - most often aeromenes made “at the warehouse”, for obvious reasons, have a neutral design that will suit not everyone. Usually such figures are used at events and holidays as a design of the site, to which the dancing man gives dynamics and brings a fresh stream to the event. More rarely, an inflatable product of this type is used as an advertising medium, since the "faceless" aeromen are not always able to inform the public.

However, on the contrary, by giving it an individuality: the company colors, the “clothes” of the profession’s representative, having inflicted the company name, slogan or appeal — he will earn full advertising power!

No matter where your air dancer and advertising balloon will dance - we are sure that he will cope with his tasks by 5+!

Fortunately, the manufacturing process, not long - only 5-7 days. Quickly we deliver across Russia and to the CIS countries!

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