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Our news about inflatable trampolines and commercial attractions for children, promotions and discounts on children's inflatable trampolines, rides, pneumatic structures and inflatable advertising from the company "AEROMIR"

News and promotions
News and promotions 17.01.2019
Весёлая Масленица!
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News and promotions 14.01.2019
Какой праздник один из самых любимых всеми в конце зимы?😃 Конечно же Масленица
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News and promotions 10.01.2019
Палатка в цветах российского трехколора в г. Ессентуки
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News and promotions 09.01.2019
Командный аттракцион "СУМО"!
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News and promotions 07.01.2019
Рождественское поздравление из Абакана
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News and promotions 04.01.2019
Новогодние праздники на разных площадках Москвы
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Market trends
Market trends 05.10.2018
GOST on inflatable trampolines: not an excess, but a necessity!
It would seem that the danger of an inflatable trampoline or an inflatable slide?
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Market trends 26.06.2018
Myth and truth about heavy-duty trampoline material with a density of 800 g / m2
In the trampoline business there is an opinion that the denser the material of an inflatable trampoline, the better the pneumo construction. Is this a myth or is it true?
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Market trends 17.01.2018
Inflatable figures for all occasions or how to decorate the spring holidays in a complex!
Inflatable structures for decoration on March 8, decoration of exhibitions, shows ...
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Market trends 16.02.2018
How to organize February 23 fun and useful?
With the advent of inflatable figures, the search for ready-made solutions has become obscenely simple, and the boundaries of design possibilities have expanded significantly.
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Market trends 16.01.2018
The decoration, decor and attractions for Shrovetide, everything will go like a "butter"!
Soon Maslenitsa, decorate your holiday!
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Market trends 27.11.2017
It has never been so easy to attract new customers with advertising.
In the era of the information boom, advertising must involve a person so that everyone will pay attention to it, draw valuable information and participate in an advertising show. Therefore, currently there is a tendency to use dynamic and interactive advertising.
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