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Medicine, health and beauty

Effective advertising tools for the promotion of medical services, promotion of a fitness club, pharmacy opening posters, promotion of a beauty salon.

A person passing along the alley along the numerous flashing light windows, it is difficult to understand which establishment is here and which is here. The human brain, alas, gets used to a monotonous situation, not noticing one and the same things, or even deliberately ignoring aggressive advertising.

Modern advertising, as a minimum, should pay attention, unobtrusively talking about the service. It is better that it is bright, desirable, against the background of which you would definitely want to take a picture, for example, as against the backdrop of a bright inflatable figure that perfectly preserves the advertising message, turns people’s eyes, serves as a bright photozone.

A figure in the style of a medical center or a pharmacy, a little man in a sporting image for a fitness club or in perfect style to advertise a beauty salon - they, without a doubt, will help you to multiply customers many times.

We develop from scratch, produce and sell individual advertising figures. 3d layout will do for free! We make the author's design, recognizable and vivid images of figures, large and small sizes.

Products from the category team attractions

300 €
Sizes, m: размер подушки длина ↗2,5 м, ширина ↔ 1,7 м, высота ↑0,4 м, высота кольца от пола до макушки ↑1,7 м, внутренний диаметр круга Ø 0,7 м, диаметр баллона кольца Ø 0,3
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Products from the category soft modules

Products from the category inflatable arches

Products from the category aeromenes

Идея 3D
232 €
Height, meters: Одноцвет ↕2,5 м (⌀ подставки 0,8 м)
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