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Inflatable arches - decorative, sports start-finish, New Year, to order

Inflatable arches - square, round, sports Start-Finish, sliding, individual. Own production, individual design, reliable polymeric materials, 1 year warranty. We work across all Russia and the CIS.

Inflatable arches - universal pneumo-design, which has a vaulted shape for the decoration of entrance groups, passages, sports competitions for the design of the start and finish. For an entrepreneur or event organizer, an inflatable arch, for all occasions, because the same arch can perform design and advertising functions. And for this, neither its shape, nor its manufacturing technology is necessary. The catalog shows the internal dimensions of the inflatable arch.


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Inflatable arches (from English. Inflatable arches) own production - it is far from uncommon, and in a deep province, surprisingly, too. They decorate the entrance halls of industrial enterprises, entrances to shopping centers and shops, venues of fairs, holidays, and competitions. Such a non-standard solution always looks bright and attractive.

The simple design of inflatable arches allows to realize the most various wishes of customers. So, the arch can be rectangular, semicircular, monophonic or multi-colored, striped or completely covered with digital print, decorated with inflatable flowers or appliqué. Made to suit your preferences, it will be truly unique. You can, of course, buy inflatable arches, for example, when there is no time to wait for the order to be completed. After all, finished products that have a neutral coloring are, in fact, “blanks”, which with the help of interchangeable banners can be given one character or another. They help out in certain situations, but this is a much less advantageous option.

Recently, a sports inflatablearch "start-finish" is also very popular. Such, as you can guess, indicate the starting and ending points of the relay races, races and other competitions. They are particularly useful in cases where the event is held on the road - on an unprepared site, where it is not possible to install stationary structures. Someone would argue that the functioning of inflatable arches requires electricity (for the fan to work), however, in the absence of a network, the problem is easily solved with the help of a generator. But neither the foundation, nor the heavy metal frame, or the team of installers, or the installation of many days will be required. And with these advantages, as they say, you can not argue.

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