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Large inflatable advertising balloons for street, roof or entrance group design

Inflatable advertising balloons - big lamp-shaped, round, hanging will make your business more noticeable! Production by the individual sizes with drawing inscriptions and logos with illumination. Short production times and low prices. Convenient delivery in Russia and the CIS to the door, turnkey solutions!

Advertising balloons are a versatile large carrier made of blown polymer fabric in the form of a giant ball up to 8 meters high. It can be made in a lamp-like form, or in the form of a classic ball with a diameter from 2 to 5.6 meters, with constant pumping. The entire surface of the ad can be sealed 100%, in any color decision, with the application of logos, applications and labels. Spectacular, bright lights allow the ball to work 24/7, attracting the attention of potential customers to the advertised object. Inflatable advertising balloon can be used on the street, the material is able to repel moisture, has in its design a secure fit.


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Buy large inflatable advertising balloons - "AEROMIR"

Inflatable advertising is more common on the streets today. And this is not casual. Few advertisements can break through the so-called “advertising noise” - the community of the same type, intrusive information that puts pressure on the consumer always and everywhere and therefore is ignored. And inflatable structures are capable of it. One of the clearest examples is big advertising balloons .

Such figures have a classic round or lamp-like shape. Some of them are installed on the street, on a solid surface (earth or structural elements of buildings), while others are suspended, indoors, in exhibition or shopping centers, that is, where the ceiling height allows it. In order to maintain a given shape, the first one needs a constant flow of air, which means that the fan must always be switched on. The second ones, like an ordinary small ball, are enough to inflate once, because inside of them there is a special gas-containing chamber.

Large advertising balloons reach a height of 7 meters. And this is one of the factors of their effectiveness, since even in a dense urban environment, among the abundance of billboards and stretch marks, they will not only be lost, but will also stand out against the general background. However, for this it is necessary to think in advance about the color of the product, taking into account the intended environment. In particular, designs with a predominance of white, yellow or red color look very impressive, since it is they who contrast equally well with the common colors of the facades and with green plantings.

If you are interested in positive and effective inflatable advertising, you can safely entrust the manufacture of such "AEROMIRA". Due to the presence of verified patterns and proven technology of sewing, we will do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sizes of inflatable advertising balls: height and diameter of the structure

Round ball ( ⌀ / m.)

Advertising height

Ball Light Bulb (⌀ / m.)

⌀ 2.50

↑ 3 m.


⌀ 3.50

↑ 4 m

⌀ 2.50


↑ 5 m.


⌀ 4.80

↑ 6 m.

⌀ 3.80

⌀ 5.60

↑ 7 m


The actual size of the finished ball may differ slightly from those presented due to the features of the sewing technology.

Summary price, dimensions and specifications (pdf)

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