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Inflatable figures and tactical shelters for paintball, archeritag, laser tag and nerf

Durable inflatable shelters, tactical figures and ready-made kits for paintball, archeritag, laser tag and nerf. Own production, we will apply a logo, a corporate style, any colors, at low prices of the manufacturer. Professional equipment of sports fields for the Millennium Series (EPBF), WPBO, NXL and PSP "turnkey". Fast delivery in Russia, the CIS and the world to the door!

Paintball, archeritag, laser tag and nerf today are among the most technical sports, popular games and entertainment for a variety of scenarios, for professionals and amateurs. We specialize in the production and assembly of fields of any configuration. Professionals prefer specially prepared sites that meet international standards WPBO, NXL, PSP, EPBF. For the organization of playgrounds and sports fields it is convenient to use inflatable figures and tactical shelters for playing paintball, archeritag, laser tag and nerf :

  • We use certified materials
  • Standard shape sizes for WPBO, NXL, PSP and EPBF
  • The most durable PVC fabric on the cover market 700-850 g / m²
  • Reliable Push & Go valves
  • Automated cooking technology, strongest seams, production time from 3 days!
  • Completion of "turnkey", 9 colors to choose from in stock, we will apply logos and corporate identity ( full print of any texture is possible under the tree, brick, metal ), accessories for comfortable operation
  • Delivery to the door to anywhere in the world

Products from the category figures for paintball, archeritag, lasertag and nerf

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When ordering a figure from us, we will prepare a realistic 3d model of the future product for free!
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Cone Cone Cone
6 600
Diameter, m: 1,2
Height, m: 2,1
Material: PVH 700 - 850 g / m²
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Temple Temple Temple
6 900
Sizes, m: 1,5 х 1,5 х 1,5 м.; 1,5 х 1,5 х 2,5 м.
Material: PVH 700-850 g / m²
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6 900
Sizes, m: 1,9 х 1,5 х 0,5 м
Material: PVH 700 - 850 g / m²
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12 500
Sizes, m: 1 х 0,5 х 1,5 м
Material: PVH 700 - 850 g / m²
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Paintball inflatable figure WIN
42 100
Sizes, m: 6 х 0,75 х 3 м.
Material: PVH 700 - 850 g / m²
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Fortress Fortress Fortress
47 600
Sizes, m: 3,5 х 2 х 1,5 м.
Material: PVH 700 - 850 g / m²
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Ёж укрытие фигура для пейнтбола фигура для пейнтбола Еж Пейнтбольный еж
9 900
Sizes, m: 1,9 х 1,9 х 1,9
Material: Цветной ПВХ 700 — 850 г/м² (черный, белый, красный, желтый, серый, синий, темно зеленый, оранжевый)
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Buy inflatable figures and shelters for paintball - "AEROMIR"

Ask: since when did the cover for paintball, archeritag, lasertag and nerf become inflatable? The answer is: from the very same, as the organizers and participants of the competition appreciated their convenience. The fact that the airless shell is very compact is a big plus when periodically it is necessary to free the territory used for the game. Or when the club needs to go somewhere for training, the game. In this case, the home platform can actually take with you. In place of the field is installed easily and quickly. To give the shapes a working size, it will take a few minutes and a pump. It will only remain to fix them with sandbags or hooks screwed into the ground. If during the game there is a need to change the landscape or "set" another level of complexity, then there will be no problems with it. It is enough to move the existing shelters or add a few new ones - and you're done!

Any inflatable field can be formed from individual shelters, the number and ratio of which in the set you define. Such elements usually take the form of simple vertical partitions (walls) or volumetric geometric figures (trapeziums, cones, etc.). Although there are more exotic options like an inflatable tank. For those who do not have any specific components, ready-made sets of inflatable shelters will do. Here everything is thought out and calculated. There are bigger and smaller figures, central and peripheral. Most of them have a pair, it is necessary for symmetry. The figures comply with the international standards of the professional leagues in paintball: NXL, PSP, EPBF, Millennium, WPBO.

The advantages of our production of figures and tactical shelters:

We produce ready-made sets of fields for tournaments, away games and trainings. The catalog contains more than 100 models of shelters for any purpose, perhaps the individual manufacture of complex shapes. Quality and reliability in every detail: welding takes place on a professional machine, reinforced pneumatic valves and fittings for fastening. More than 10 years on the market of hermetic shapes, in line with international standards of European and world leagues.

  • They are made of high-quality PVC of high density up to 850 g /², 1000DEN and 0.55mm (it is possible to manufacture figures and covers from more durable material 800, 900 and 1000 g / m²) .
  • can be used in all weather conditions, including at low temperatures,
  • have a set for express repair, a cover and a pump,
  • can be decorated with logos, images with the brand logo of the club, sponsors, advertising,
  • they are distinguished by bright colors (more than 45 types of fabric, 9 popular colors available), a huge selection of shapes and field configurations.
  • can be made by the individual order and in any quantity of 3 days!
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