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Dry pools and soft slides

Dry pools and soft slides, children's play sets of soft foam foam and PVC modules for kindergarten or at home. Huge selection, bright colors, individual production in a short time at low prices of the manufacturer. Warranty! Fast delivery in Russia and the CIS.

The dry pool is made of soft frame, filled with multi-colored plastic balls, in which children have fun. In it you can jump and swim in a pile of balls, have fun and play, combining with the development of hand motor skills and logic of thinking. Classes that take place in the form of a game, especially useful for children from 2 years. Reliable dry base buy at low producer prices, 1 year warranty. We use bright colors, hypoallergenic materials, easy to care for. Author's design, it is possible to apply logos, corporate identity or digital printing to order.

Products from the category dry pools and soft slides  

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Chamomile dry pool Chamomile Chamomile Pool
19 400
Length, m: 1,6
Width, m: 1,6
Height, m: 0,5
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Sun Sun Sun
19 900
Length, m: 1,5
Width, m: 1
Height, m: 0,4
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Soft module Kid Sports equipmentBaby Baby module
9 700
Length, m: 1,5
Width, m: 0,6
Height, m: 0,3
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Soft sports set Rainbow
15 700
Length, m: 1,5
Width, m: 1
Height, m: 0,4
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Hill "Whale" Soft slide "Whale" Big soft slide "Whale"
17 100
Length, m: 1
Width, m: 0,8
Height, m: 0,8
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Modular hill "Rollers" Soft modular slide "Rollers" Hill "Rollers"
19 600
Length, m: 1,8
Width, m: 0,9
Height, m: 0,6
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Dry pools - manufacturer AEROMIR

Every child loves to splash around in a nearby pond, but no less children love to party in dry and inflatable pools, often located in children's corners and rooms, parks and squares.

Under these and other sites, on our site we have pools of various configurations and shapes: round, square, polygonal. Also pools can be made by the individual order, for example, in the form of the designer or a puzzle.

For a variety of entertainment and attracting more guests, the products are additionally equipped with: soft slides, didactic elements that perform the functions of training and development of children. In the production of pools, a hypoallergenic material is used that does not emit odors, does not contain dyes, and during operation this coating is easy to clean.

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