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Scenery, decoration and figures for holidays and events.

Entrance arches, scenes for performances, advertising aeromenes and figures with a waving hand, touching flowers and a spectacular imitation of the flame - the whole set of equipment from AeroMir can be bought.

Every year, local and national holidays are held in Russian cities, which are designed by true professionals. And increasingly, the latter give preference in favor of inflatable structures. They are attracted by price, equipment mobility and, of course, spectacularity.

Products from the category city holidays

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Pillow Fighting Pillow Fighting Fighting on pillows red and blue
8 000
Diameter, m: 0,5
Height, m: 0,2
Number of players: 2
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Green Runner Bag Orange Run Bag Running Bags
2 300
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show photo zone holiday photo area solemn photo zone
100 600
Ball base: metal frame, tabletop
Fan 1: for photozone without snow effect 210W, 50 GHz, 220V
Fan 2: for photozone with snow effect 160W, 50 GHz, 220V
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Miracle Ball miracle snow ball photo sphere miracle ball with snow
157 100
Ball base: metal frame, tabletop
Fan 1: for photozone without snow effect 210W, 50 GHz, 220V
Fan 2: for photozone with snow effect 160W, 50 GHz, 220V
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When ordering a figure from us, we will prepare a realistic 3d model of the future product for free!
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lost World lost World lost World
392 100
Sizes, m: 7 х 6,6 х 6 м
Capacity: 11-15
Max. load, kg: 480 кг
Наполнение батута: Большая горка, прыжковая зона, динозавр-туннель, и небольшой скалодром
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PP-01 PP-01 PP-01
181 600
Sizes, m: 10 х 3 х 3,5
Number of players: 8-12 
Max. load, kg: 360
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Inflatable darts for competitions Black Inflatable Darts Inflatable Velcro Dartboard
53 000
Diameter, m: мишень ⌀ 2,5 м.
Height, m: 3 м.
Width, m: 2,5 м.
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Torpedo for games Torpedo for all ages Torpedo Set
9 900
Diameter, m: 0,5
Length, m: 2,5
Number of players: 5
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Relay boat Boat for three Boat set
13 700
Sizes, m: 2,2 х 0,6 х 0,4
Number of players: 3
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Team Skis for Relays Team skis one pair Team Skis
19 600
Sizes, m: 2,5 х 0,38 х 0,25
Number of players: 5
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Inflatable Trampoline Tank inflatable trampoline for February 23 inflatable trampoline for boys tank
213 000
Sizes, m: 6 х 4 х 3,5
Capacity: 6-8
Max. load, kg: 200
Наполнение батута: туннель, надувные столбцы-препятствия и большая прыжковая зона!
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Obstacle course №10 Obstacle course №10 Obstacle course №10
298 500
Sizes, m: 15 х 3 х 3,5
Number of players: 12-18
Max. load, kg: 540
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inflatable-trampoline-serpent-dragon12 inflatable-trampoline-serpent-dragon1 inflatable-trampoline-serpent-dragon5
587 100
Sizes, m: 12 х 6 х 6
Capacity: 15
Max. load, kg: 750
Наполнение батута: прыжковая зона, горка с лестницей, надувные игровые элементы, надувные декоративные элементы
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Holidays in Russia are local, and there are grandiose and national scales. But regardless of the level, the organizers have to solve pressing issues on the decoration of the venue.

With all the variety of solutions on the market, inflatable structures take their place among them, due to the fact that they easily fit into any format of the holiday. Take a closer look, inflatable arches at the entrance, scenes for performances, aeromen for advertising, elegant flowers, etc. Thematic figures for each individual round date, for example, inflatable products for Victory Day, Shrovetide, February 23, March 8 and New Year.

And if the holiday format implies fun relay races and competitions, no problem - the inventory for any starts can be found among the inflatable and soft products on this page!

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