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Inflatable scenes and mobile stage canopies Shell-Arched

Inflatable scenes: we produce mobile scenes in the form of Arched and Shell - any size, with inscriptions and logos, decor and decoration, stage canopies and mobile scenes at low prices. Convenient delivery in Russia and CIS to the door!

Inflatable scenes - mobile design for organizing a concert venue, corporate events, parties in the open air, from English. inflatable stage . The obvious advantages of an inflatable stage and canopies: mobility and installation speed, only 10-15 minutes for full installation; easy to transport; bright and presentational view for many years of operation; safe for children's performances. We will make a 3d layout for free, it is possible to make an inflatable scene with interchangeable banners, logos and corporate colors! Huge selection of customized solutions for your tasks.


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Inflatable attractions in accordance with GOST P
ГОСТ Р 53487-2009
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Buy an inflatable stage - manufacturer "AEROMIR"

The inflatable stage, which can be bought directly from our warehouse, has several options of shape and size. With it, you can deploy a concert, festive platform in the open air in a few minutes. They are lightweight and do not require special surface preparation or special skills from the staff to be installed.

Pneumatic constructions of this type, like others, consist of a shell and one or several fans. The shell, in turn, is a combination of cylinders and tissue "membranes", which, when forcing air, take on the necessary shape.

Models of the inflatable stage “Arch” form over the participants of the event a classic cylindrical vault, that is, they have a semicircle shape in cross section. Due to this, at the request of the customer, it is possible to significantly increase the depth of the structure and volume of the internal space. At the same time, the rectangular platform at the base is quite spacious and can accommodate everything you need: at least a choir, at least an orchestra. In addition, the design of such scenes allows you to equip them with inputs / outputs located in the side or rear parts. Arched scenes can be not only very practical and comfortable, but also very beautiful. The wide front balloon opens up many possibilities for decoration: inscriptions and logos are put on it or inflatable flowers are sewn on.

The inflatable scene "Shell" has a semi dome dome, that is, it looks like a quarter ball. And in cross section, and at the base - a semicircle. The useful area of ​​this design is small, but the appearance is out of competition. You can't confuse “seashells” with anything: bright and large, with their ribs resembling an inverted shell of sea creatures, in urban environments they look like real art objects. These scenes can also be further decorated with all sorts of decorative elements.

Compared to the theater, any inflatable stage is, of course, a much simpler design. There are no backstage and special devices for changing scenery. But there is another, a very big advantage - you can literally take it with you and arrange a show anywhere!

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