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Inflatable water rides

Inflatable water attractions: water bananas, inflatable water slides, swimming pools, aquazorbs and blobs, pyramids and swings. Available and under the order, bright colors, various sizes at low prices. Convenient delivery in Russia and CIS to the door!

Inflatable water rides have long been replaced by those times when, from entertainment to vacationers, only diving from a wild cliff was available. Progress and this sphere of our life is not spared. Today, resort areas are simply full of colorful water slides, "Bananas" and "Blobs", and all this is water inflatable attractions, an inexhaustible source of fun and joy for children and adults.


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Blue and Yellow Water Swing Attraction Water Swing Water swings
33 700
Length x Width, m.: 3,1 х 1,25
Type of: одинарный
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They are always associated with summer, sun, sea. So, for many years an integral attribute of a beach holiday is the water attraction “Banana”. It is impossible to find a person who would not describe him. But speaking in the language of professionals, this is a sealed inflatable product consisting of three cylinders connected to each other and driven by towing. Usually it is designed for 3–10 “passengers”, which, by the way, are often sent to bathe, tilting the “Banana”. It would seem that entertainment is as old as the world, but the flow of people who want to ride with the wind on the waves and thoroughly get wet in the heat does not run dry.

Younger, but no less popular towed water attraction - “Batman”, or “Fly Fish”, or “Flying Ramp”. A few inflated cylinders connected by membranes, in form and truth resemble either a stingray or a famous hero in his cape. When fully loaded, it can ride up to 6 people. And if on “Banana” they would be called citizens rolling, here they are flying. And nothing else. Since, having driven away properly, "Batman", together with those who are located on it, rushes to the sky. This is fun for the real extreme!

For those who do not belong to them, there is more calm fun. For example, a variety of inflatable slides, their descents go directly into the pond or in a special pool. Despite the seeming simplicity, speed, an abundance of refreshing splashes and excitement to the guests are provided! Therefore, the slide waterslide is equally popular among both children and adults.

The same can be said about "Water Ball", or "Aquazorb". Awkward ploping inside a transparent ball, sliding on the water surface, is both a useful and fun activity. It is a pity that the pleasure does not last long: there is enough air inside for 10–30 minutes (depending on the age and activity of a person).

This, of course, not all. The range of water attractions is constantly expanding. In parallel, there are new opportunities for their use. This product gradually ceases to be seasonal and exclusively beach. It is increasingly used away from the sea and not only in the open air - in recreation areas and indoor swimming pools of sanatoriums, hotels and water parks.

Fortunately, water rides are not a problem to buy. If you need an exclusive, then this is doable. Enough to contact the "AEROMIR".

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