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Registration for Victory Day

Solemn decoration, entrance arches and scenes, inflatable decorations for Victory Day - you can buy.

The motley environment of city streets, on Victory Day acquires similar outlines, everywhere there are symbols of victory, signs of memory, the sky is filled with balloons. On one of the significant holidays of the year, we also tried to make a contribution by offering bright and comfortable inflatable products specially designed for this important date.

Products from the category registration for victory day

3d layout will do for free
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When ordering a figure from us, we will prepare a realistic 3d model of the future product for free!
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Do not have time to die down the last volley of festive salute, how to think about the next date. There are plenty of plans, and for everything about everything, some 364 days. During this time, the organizers of all levels need to coordinate a lot of documents, pick up equipment and, finally, having finished with bureaucratic questions, order inventory.

From the beginning to the order, believe me, time will pass more than one month, so you need to prepare in advance. According to the experience of our clients, we know that they, as prudent people, order a design two or three months before the desired date in order to prepare for a celebration in a calm atmosphere.

In the design of the urban environment, parks, shopping and entertainment centers, ceremonial space by May 9, our wide range will help you. In the catalog below you can find: scenes for performances, entrance arches, figures and copies of equipment in large sizes, imitation of a flame (imitation of eternal fire), advertising aeromen and touching flowers.

In addition, having conceived your design, you can always contact us for its manufacture.

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