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Inflatable flowers

Large inflatable flowers for decoration of a holiday or a shopping center, facade space. Many colors, the effect of disclosure, lighting make our products unique. Short production times and low prices for inflatable flowers. Convenient delivery to the door!

Many of us associate a holiday with flowers. And the more important the holiday, the more of them! Perhaps this explains the popularity of inflatable colors as design elements for a variety of celebrations. Thanks to a wide choice of models, you can choose an option that is appropriate for your event by subject and spirit, for example, with the effect of disclosure or illumination.


Products from the category inflatable flowers

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Buy inflatable flowers - "AEROMIR"

Of course, living fragrant buds can not be replaced by anything, even with inflatable flower garlands. But with all the beauty they can arrange any large objects or spaces outside, in the cold season it is not possible at all. And even indoors, in conditions comfortable for plants, they are short-lived: cut ones wither quickly, and in pottery flowering is not permanent. In addition, to give the holiday the necessary scale of colors will need too much. It turns out, an unjustified waste of considerable money.

In this sense, pneumoglands - unpretentious, reusable products - are much more worthwhile investment. They can be flashy-bright or gentle, fluffy and elegant or pointedly modest. They can decorate the hall of the House of Culture, school assembly hall or any other room. With the same success, they are used on the street - for decoration of entrance groups, concert venues or wedding venues. Various lengths of products, up to 15 meters, allow you to implement even the most ambitious plans: mark the path for the passage of the newlyweds, arrange a real flower garden on the wall of the building. Actually, decorating opportunities here are limited only by your imagination and the number of sockets required for the operation of fans.

Especially in demand lately inflatable garland with the effect of disclosure. Due to the unexpected appearance of flowers from a narrow stalk, especially under the appropriate musical accompaniment, such designs make an indelible impression on the public!

With inflatable flowers "AEROMIRA" you can surprise your guests again and again!

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