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Large inflatable Winter slides and winter rides, New Year's figures, advertising media - quickly pay for themselves, we guarantee the reliability, safety and fair prices of the manufacturer since 2008!

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Catalog of commercial inflatable trampolines and rides, inflatable figures and pneumatic structures for business and advertising

The AEROMIR catalog presents a wide range of winter novelties: large inflatable winter slides and trampolines, incredibly attractive New Years inflatable figures and photo zones, wonder balls with the effect of snow. Popular team games for sports races and teambuilding, inflatable advertising and aeromenes, pneumatic structures - scenes, arches, hangars. In our own production in Russia we make individual products according to the designs and sizes of the customer. Guaranteed high quality and low prices. We work across all Russia and the CIS

Inflatable winter slide trampoline Inflatable winter slide Full-color print on a winter hill
750 000
Sizes, m: 14 х 8 х 9,7 м
Capacity, seats: до 16-18 человек, максимальный вес 600 кг
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Надувной батут Сказка Небольшой надувной батут сказка Батут для бизнеса Сказка
232 600
Sizes, m: 6,5 х 5,5 х 3 м
Capacity: 8-10
Max. load, kg: 210 кг
Наполнение батута: маленькая горка, фигура-кольцо, две фигуры,, тоннель, прыжковый участок
Высота горки: 1,5 м
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Big winter inflatable slide Big winter inflatable slide Big winter inflatable slide
890 100
Sizes, m: 15 х 12 х 11 м
Capacity, seats: 20 чел./ ~1000 кг.
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Командный надувной аттракцион Торпеда-собака Командная торпеда Собака Аттракцион надувная торпеда Собака
14 800
Length x Width, m.: 3 х Ø0,5 м
Number of players: до 5 чел.
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Командный аттракцион Торпеда-Гусеница
14 800
Length x Width, m.: 3 х Ø0,5 м
Number of players: до 5 чел.
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Гигантские ракетки надувные Аттракцион Гигантские Ракетки Надувные гигантские ракетки
17 000
Diameter, m: диаметр ракетки ⌀0,8 х диаметр ручки ⌀0,25 м
Height, m: Высота ↕2 м
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Production enterprise «AEROMIR»

The company AEROMIR specializes in the manufacture of inflatable structures and attractions. We have been working since 2008. We have accumulated vast experience in production activities: the existing patterns have been improved, new types of products have been developed, the best materials and equipment have been selected, and optimum tailoring technologies have been introduced. Continuous development is one of the priorities in our work.

Due to this, over the past few years, the range of products manufactured by AEROMIR has been substantially replenished and updated. Today it is represented by such categories of products as aeromenes, inflatable figures, scenes, arches, flowers, pneumohangars, childrens inflatable trampolines and obstacle courses, command, winter and water rides, paintball inflatable figures, soft modules. Currently, the company is represented in various regions of Russia

Our offices are open in several large cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Omsk. The geography of AEROMIRA supplies covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation - from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Our regular customers include city administrations and palaces of culture, manufacturing enterprises and factories, large retail chains, individual entrepreneurs, advertising and event agencies.
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Manufacturer of children's inflatable trampolines, team rides and inflatable figures for advertising and business

Children's inflatable trampolines and team rides, soft modules and inflatable figures are reliable and safe products for your business from the manufacturer, as well as inflatable hangars, tents, arches and inflatable advertising. Huge selection, short production time, high quality products with a guarantee of 1 year!

Large commercial inflatable trampolines can be seen on the street, in a shopping center, city leisure park or in the courtyard of the most ordinary residential building. New in 2019 in inflatable rides: Inflatable slides, winter inflatable trampolines with slides, bananas, zorbs, tubing will delight young visitors and will benefit from bright colors, the most interesting content (figures, obstacles, "climbing" and slides), modern design. By sending a child to play, parents can be confident in the safety of their children, if the products are certified and have a reliable manufacturer's warranty!

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