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Original advertising

Original advertizing - for promotion of cafe, posters of bookstore or popularization of your institution.

Original advertising is inflatable (soft) constructions, which without exaggeration can be attributed to super-original advertising, since their external similarity with your product analogues, and sometimes the creativity with which they are made, create an excellent advertising return!

Products from the category original advertising

The best inflatable attractions RAAPA
Golden medal
At the XIX International Exhibition “Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment”RAAPA EXPO-2017 wereawarded a gold medal.
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Original advertising - begins not with words on a street billboard or inviting phrases on a billboard or signboard, but with the embodiment of your product, realized in real and big performance. Such an original design will certainly attract attention to yourself, and therefore to your brand.

An inflatable jar, a bolt or key, and even a samovar, and much more - you can give to the performance of our inventive specialists who know how to repeat all the contours of your copy of the goods or create a creative model from scratch. Moreover, the applied technology of printing with sublimated ink, the ink penetrates into the layers of fabric, thanks to which the drawings are brighter and more contrast, and the texture itself does not lend itself to premature abrasion.

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