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Inflatable advertising figures

Inflatable advertising figures are an effective way to advertise a product or service near your object, at a promo, exhibition, PR or Event event.

Great news for anyone who wants to conduct an effective advertising campaign, but with the caution relates to the advertising budget. Having spent only a small amount on the purchase, inflatable advertising figures will be profitable where traditional advertising methods do not work.

Products from the category inflatable advertising figures

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We produce and sell inflatable advertising figures.

Inflatable advertising figures are a great option to simply and effectively organize advertising near the entrance to your establishment, decorate your stand at the exhibition in an original way, emphasize the brand personality at a promotional or event event.

Without exception, inflatable products are made of material adapted to the climate of our country. For example, from the internal statistics of sales in recent years, inflatable figures of our customers on a regular basis were placed both in winter and in summer in different parts of Russia.

Moreover, using a sublimated print that penetrates the structure of the fabric, the patterns are preserved for a long time. When using this technology, the texture does not lend itself to early abrasion, including when temperature fluctuates.

This is especially true when performing complex orders when using a full sealing of the shape.

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