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Inflatable advertising

Inflatable design is an effective advertisement near your cafe, restaurant, shop, at exhibitions and event events.

Close to your object, advertising must attract attention, otherwise people will pass by your establishment, pharmacy or store without noticing the sign. Therefore, dynamic designs were, are, and remain the most effective way to attract passersby! Feature of inflatable products is a realistic look, large sizes, visible from a respectful distance and, of course, eccentric movements. So, very realistic figures with a waving hand, doing their hands, force them to pay attention to themselves, and therefore to your establishment!

Products from the category inflatable advertising

What is the difference between inflatable advertising structures and other types of advertising media?

Many, at first glance, will say that inflatable structures stand out for their volumetric shapes and realistic performance - they may be similar to logos, brands, or look like their products. And the one who thought that way, you are right!

However, in addition to the above, inflatable structures are primarily effective advertising near your object, combining the best option in the ratio of financial resources spent and benefits received. Perhaps this is one of the main criteria by which it is chosen by the owners of institutions!

A little more about inflatable products from AeroMir

Inflatable structures from our company are adapted products to Russian conditions. The wind load figures withstand gusts up to 7 m / s, and the temperature range is 25 .... +35, which somewhat expands their geographical use. In addition, the material used is light even when wet, the shell itself withstands a short drizzle.

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