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Inflatable sealed rides

Sealed inflatable attractions: giant balls, figures for games, bumperball, skis and grandmothers - a great choice, individual production in a short time at low prices of the manufacturer in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. Warranty! Fast delivery in Russia and the CIS.

Team rides, regardless of their functionality, can be continuously pumped, made of synthetic materials and, of course, sealed. The latter, as they expand the possibilities of use in various events and competitions, because, firstly, they are mobile - due to the fact that the shell in the deflated state takes up little space. Secondly, they are functional. That is, sealed rides are easily applicable, for example, as shock projectiles and relay equipment, designed for constant impact loads.

Torpedo, squirrel wheel, giant hoop, huge balls, bumperball - and this is not the whole list of sealed team rides with which you can organize interesting and bright contests.

Products from the category inflatable sealed  

In stock
Horses for kids Horses for games Horses for relay
12 100
In stock
Horses Horses with handles Horses
14 600
In stock
Pillow Fighting Pillow Fighting Fighting on pillows red and blue
8 000
Diameter, m: 0,5
Height, m: 0,2
Number of players: 2
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In stock
Koltsebros - cactus Hoops with hoops Ringbros hermetic product
34 900
Manufacturer's warranty up to 1 year
1 year warranty!
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In stock
Giant hockey for two Giant ice hockey stick Sealed Giant Hockey
26 800
Torpedo for games Torpedo for all ages Torpedo Set
9 900
Diameter, m: 0,5
Length, m: 2,5
Number of players: 5
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Team Skis for Relays Team skis one pair Team Skis
19 600
Sizes, m: 2,5 х 0,38 х 0,25
Number of players: 5
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