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Aeromen figures with a swinging hand

We produce and sell dynamic promotional products with the effect of waving hands, these can be stylized figures of Cook, Builder, Master, Refueller, etc.

Aeromen with the effect of waving hands - inflatable advertising dynamic designs with the effect of the movement of hands, stylized as business, you will definitely notice! More than 1 000 ready-made images and sold products for any field: auto shows, spare parts, construction, medicine, trade, restaurants in food courts and much more. When ordering aeromen figure with a swinging hand with us, we will free of charge develop a 3d layout, an author's design. In production we use durable materials and give a manufacturer's warranty! All products are substituted in the finished configuration "turnkey", easy installation and operation.

Products from the category aeromen figures with a swinging hand  

Aeromenes with a waving hand production AEROMIR

Perhaps, in recent years, one of the most sought-after in the stationary advertising market, at the entrance to a store or office, at events and exhibitions, are air stations with a waving hand. What is the secret of success? In undeniable merits.

For example, figures can be performed in precise detail of animated characters and animals, representatives of professions - from plumber, cook, to office worker. In addition, such products are easily embodied by the symbols of your business and objects, in the form of a pencil, tube of glue, telephone, laundry detergent, burger, etc.

All this, coupled with the dynamics of hand rotation, significantly increases the interest in the figures, which means that their advertising effect is multiplied.

On the other hand, figures with a waving hand are an attractive element of a photo zone, with which they are photographed, and then shared on social networks with friends and in communities.

Definitely one can say - this type of advertising media has a strong marketing potential!

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