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Beach equipment, furniture, buoys, fences

We offer a comprehensive arrangement of beach space: furniture, attractions, sealed buoys and fences in the water area of ​​the pond, river, sea, or turnkey bay. Complex equipment allows you to get a single design concept, reliable designs from the manufacturer. We work across all Russia and the CIS, we deliver finished goods to a door.

Products from the category beach equipment, furniture, buoys, fences

Inflatable attractions in accordance with GOST P
ГОСТ Р 53487-2009
Registration number of the declaration №ROSS RU.MTS01.D00001 - 100% guarantee of commercial suitability of our attractions!
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19 600
Length, m: 1,5
Width, m: 1
Height, m: 1
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Water world Надувной батут Водный мир Батут надувной водный мир
198 100
Sizes, m: 7 х 3,7 х 2.7 м
Capacity: 6-7 человек
Max. load, kg: 210
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batut king-kong batut king-kong batut king-kong
381 100
Sizes, m: 8,5 х 5 х 5,5
Capacity: 14-19
Max. load, kg: 570
Наполнение батута: прыжковая зона, горка с 2 лестницами и широким спуском, надувные игровые элементы и препятствия столбики.
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Trampoline Pirate Island Trampoline Pirate Island Trampoline Pirate Island
468 100
Sizes, m: 9 х 5,5 х 6 м
Capacity: 13-15 человек
Max. load, kg: 480 кг
Наполнение батута: Надувные фигуры, две горки с отдельным подъемом, прыжковая зона с кольцом и препятствиями.
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