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Attraction profit calculator

We have prepared a simple and modern calculator for calculating the profits of amusement rides, which took into account typical expenses, taxes and maintenance costs. Plan and earn more!

Затраты на эксплуатацию
Ваша прибыль в месяц:
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Кол-во сеансов в час:

Кол-во сеансов за рабочий день:

Кол-во проданных билетов за день:

Кол-во проданных билетов за месяц:

В кассу принято за день:

В кассу принято за месяц:

Затраты в месяц:

Примерный срок окупаемости:

Calculate profit rides using our Calculator has become easier, but we draw attention to the important factors that are necessary for the successful operation of the business.

    • It is necessary to take into account in which locality the attraction is located, seasonality is manifested by an increase in demand in resort towns and villages and a decrease in demand in “labor” settlements, when in the summer, most customers rush to the south, holidays and cottages. Plan loading rides right!
    • The weather affects the profit, and then the forecast from Yandex https://yandex.ru/pogoda/ will come to the rescue, take into account the number of sunny days and days without rain. This will help to plan not only the download, but also the choice of the right choice of rides, the place of its installation and subsequent operation.

Weather forecast example

  • Use musical accompaniment for your attraction, children’s and familiar cartoons attract attention, create mood on your site.
  • Keep the rides clean, parents will appreciate it.
  • Watch for safety and positive feedback, they will want to come back again and again, when there is joy on the trampoline without injuries and bruises.

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