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Single inflatable flower

A large inflatable flower is a prime example of a freestanding inflatable figure for advertising, PR, exhibitions or shows. Figures can be equipped with dynamic elements: a waving hand, leaves; bright lights for night work.

You can endlessly look at three things: how fire burns, how water flows and how inflatable flowers wave! Therefore, graceful inflatable flowers often become the hallmark of any event, show or advertising campaign. All this is due to the stunning study of the smallest details - on the one hand (static figures), and on the other - the fascinating movements of leaves and the magical excitement of the petals (figures with a flapping hand), under the influence of the air flow blown by the fan.

Moreover, by giving an inflatable flower a zest in the form of an artificial glow (by placing a backlight inside the product), you can give it an incredible showiness in the dark, which will noticeably increase the interest in your brand or company.

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