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Winter slides, all-season trampolines

New attractions for exploitation in winter: large slides, winter trampolines, turnkey winter amusement kits

Products from the category winter slides trampolines  

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Sizes, m: 9 х 5 х 7 м
Capacity, seats: 10-12, максимальный вес 350 кг.
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Sizes, m: 14 х 8 х 9,7 м
Capacity, seats: до 16-18 человек, максимальный вес 600 кг
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Inflatable Winter Slides

Perhaps one of the most popular winter fun is riding from a hill. This kind of entertainment absorbs both adults and children who are not averse to a ride a couple of times with a breeze. But, still in our country, many ride on the separatist, ice and wooden structures, frankly speaking, not very safe. Bruises and abrasions are common, and unfortunately sometimes worse ... However, lately, inflatable winter slides have become a serious competitor. Their main difference is safety. Entrepreneurs also benefit from their appearance - adults are ready to pay money for themselves and their children for a safe riding session.

Inflatable attractions, possess a number of important characteristics. For example, the winter hill is made of synthetic materials, and the working form of the product is provided by supplying air to the shell of specified contours, which makes it soft and safe. In addition, it is worth mentioning the convenience for the operator - the preparation of the slide takes about 20-30 minutes, since it does not require pouring ice, which saves time and money at the same time.

Pneumatic can be used in different parts of the city, for example, on holidays. It is not difficult to move the product in case of changing the place of rental, for this it is necessary to lower the air from the slide, roll it up and take it to a new site.

Inflatable winter slides - production AEROMIR

Last year, our specialists developed a prototype, which was operated throughout the season in one of the parks, passing informal tests. On the basis of the obtained data - models of the big and small slides appeared. So, our engineers developed and installed anti-slip pads on the cushion at the entrance, and the steps themselves were made more often and bulging. They also worked on the handrails, setting two pairs of ropes at different levels of height for the safe and independent lifting of older children and the smallest. Constructive changes were made and the descent, he became long, and the angle of inclination is optimal for comfortable riding children of different ages.

Completed projects

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