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The most honest calculator for calculating profits on an inflatable trampoline

We have prepared the most honest and correct calculator for calculating profits on an inflatable trampoline, taking into account not only costs, but also taxes and maintenance of the attraction.

Commercial inflatable trampolines at a discount

With the onset of summer days, on the streets of the city, in every park and yard, kids of different ages frolic. Playing ball and in the sandbox, swinging on a swing, skiing from slides - the appetite of children is much more than a playground can give.

And this means that it's time to offer children inflatable entertainment by buying an inflatable trampoline!

Moreover, the company "AeroMir" continues an unprecedented campaign for trampolines and obstacle courses in stock, with a 20% discount. For example, the stunning trampoline “Robotics”, thought out by designers with care for children, where the skating area and the jump area are divided, costs only 284 thousand, 355 thousand for a seat (71 000 rubles discount).

Or inflatable trampoline "Dino Park" designed with comfort for toddlers and older children. Its peculiarity is that the attraction has two pairs of separately located slides intended for different ages. Having a great commercial potential, its cost is only 606,400 rubles, instead of 758,000 rubles. (your saving is 151 600 rub.).

The action will continue until the end of June! Hurry up, the quantity of goods is limited.

If you have any doubts about the commercial success of an inflatable trampoline? Calculate the profit on an honest calculator:

  • Purchase Costs
  • Salary Costs
  • Taxes

Just click on the button, enter the data and count how much you will earn on this or that trampoline from the availability!

Calculate your profit!

Trampolines available at a discount of 20%

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