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Чудо Шар в комплектации ПРЕМИУМ

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 Чудо Шар в комплектации ПРЕМИУМ. Комплектация «Премиум» — это расширенная версия комплекта «Стандарт», включающая дополнительно подсветку (два led прожектора). Волшебная фотозона и рекламная сфера дополненная красивой подсветкой! С такой фигурой праздничные фото станут еще более красочными и привлекательными. Очень ярко, эффектно и сказочно. Сменные фотобаннеры и юбка шара делают изделие универсальным для любого мероприятия. Лишь стоит сменить их и Вы получаете совершенно новую фотозону, легко и просто. 

В комплект «ПРЕМИУМ» входит:
-прозрачная оболочка, основание, металлокаркас,
-вентилятор - 2 шт. (в т. ч. для эффекта снега),
-покрытие пола,
-баннер с полноцветной печатью,
-юбка с полноцветной печатью,
-гранулированный пенопласт 0,2 м³,
-подсветка «премиум» (два led прожектора),
-набор для экспресс-ремонта,
-сумка-переноска для оболочки.

Подсветка:Два led прожектора по 20 Вт.

Украсьте им новогоднюю елку, площадку ТРЦ, пространство сквера или парка - и увидите, как гости будут фотографироваться в чудесном шаре.

Prices, photos and images of miracle balls are exploratory in nature, branding and logo application must be coordinated!

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General characteristics
  • прозрачная оболочка, основание, металлокаркас,
  • вентилятор - 2 шт. (в т. ч. для оборудования эффекта снега),
  • покрытие пола основания шара,
  • баннер с полноцветной печатью,
  • юбка с полноцветной печатью,
  • гранулированный пенопласт 0,2 м³,
  • подсветка "премиум" (два led прожектора),
  • лестница,
  • техпаспорт,
  • набор для экспресс-ремонта,
  • сумка-переноска для оболочки.
Power, W
  • основной 210 Вт, 50 Гц, 220 V,
  • дополнительный 106 Вт, 50 Гц, 220V.
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) Для Чудо шара диаметром 3 метра: Диаметр основания 2,6 м, высота основания 0,43 м, высота сферы 2,3 м, ширина сферы 3 м.
Material Шар выполнен из прозрачного ТПУ толщиной 0,7 мм. Также в конструкции использованы: ПВХ 650 г/м², Оксфорд 600 ден, фанера, металл
Characteristics of the Miracle Ball
Ball base металлокаркас — металлическая несущая конструкция, состоящая из труб 20*20 мм, сваренных под углом 90 градусов относительно друг друга. Столешница выполнена из влагостойкой фанеры толщиной 30 мм.
Fan 1 для фотозоны без эффекта снега 210 Вт, 50 Ггц, 220V
Fan 2 для фотозоны с эффектом снега 106 Вт, 50 Ггц, 220V
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Installation, operation and warranty

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Can I become a dealer or representative?

We are always open for the most active, enterprising, willing to open new horizons in business. And it doesn’t matter whether you start your own business from scratch or you already have a successful project.

What do we offer?

A successful product that is in constant demand in the Russian market. Inflatable figures, children's trampolines, obstacle lanes - and this is not the whole list of products, due to which you can build a full-fledged, profitable business or significantly expand the range, with benefits for the development of your company.

Unlike many companies that regulate the sales of their partners, we do not have this item in the contract. You can purchase our products, anytime, anywhere, without any sanctions and consequences for your business! In addition, cooperating with us, other useful “buns” are waiting for you: providing mock-ups and photographic materials, consulting on organizing advertising campaigns, free delivery to the terminal of your city (as agreed, depending on distance), and much more.

Read more and leave a request here .

Can you choose the right color / combination of colors for my product?

We always have a choice of fabric, presented in more than 60 shades. You can always choose a combination of colors for your product on our website. In addition, our managers will help determine the choice, choosing the optimal combination of colors for your composition.

Attention! Reflected colors on the screen of your gadget / computer may differ slightly from the colors realized in the final product. This is due to both the color settings on your screen (color saturation), and the functions of expanding brightness, contrast and the predominant effects: blue, red screen, etc.

Do I have to pay for the layout in the manufacture of individual products?

When developing an individual layout for your technical task, the work of the designer is paid separately, in the amount of 3,500 rubles (cost agreed separately). If later, the sample is approved by you, and the figure will be made by us, then the payment made will be credited to the established cost of the figure. In other words, when you pay for an individual product - you get a 3d sketch for free.

How can I find out that the product is ready, and fully meets the stated specifications?

Upon completion of the manufacture of the product, a photo report of the finished product is provided, as a rule, made from several angles: the general plan, photos from several sides and photographs of individual elements.

If I only have a photo (sketch) of the piece I liked, can you make the product?

I liked the inflatable product in the picture on the Internet, but for some reason you can not buy at the addressee? No problem! You can always contact our specialists with a sketch or a photo you like. Our designers will outline all the contours of the figure you like, while technologists and sewing craftsmen will prepare patterns and make the product.

The order of work and the provision of original documents?

After your first request, our manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order, tell you about the time of manufacture, agree on the dimensions of the product, color, material, etc. After that, the agreed details are written in the contract annex, and the document is mutually signed. We send its scanned copy to your email (or via whatsApp, viber) for final approval.

According to the agreed proportions of payment - you pay for the product. In turn, after the receipt of funds on the account or the provision of a payment order - from our side, a 3D model of the product is developed and agreed upon. Upon its completion, the electronic model is given for production.

Work with documents is made by three methods. Sending documents in place with the finished product to your address, which is somewhat longer than sending by Russian Post or courier service. The last two methods of shipment is carried out in the case when it is impossible to pay for the product without the originals or at your request, but with the agreement of our manager.


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