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GOST on inflatable trampolines: not an excess, but a necessity!

Inflatable trampolines according to GOST R

It would seem, how can a children's inflatable trampoline or an inflatable slide be dangerous for business? There are no traumatic metal parts in them, the attraction does not throw up to a dangerous height, and the cushion for jumping is completely soft! And, it's true, but ...

In recent years, there have been regular reports of emergency situations that occurred with children while playing on a trampoline. The first, due to the negligence of the operator - an attraction loose to the surface, overturns. The second, unfortunately, is associated with a constructive danger of the attraction. The child flew over the side, fell from a slide that does not have a mesh fence - such a news feed "cuts off hearing."

It is impossible to imagine the true extent of injuries, bruises and abrasions caused by children, due to the dangerous construction. One can only assume they are far from uncommon. On the streets of the cities there are still “old” inflatable trampolines, released into circulation not according to GOST.

GOST on inflatable trampolines: not an excess, but a necessity!

GOST 53487 is a necessity, this has been stated for a long time. Therefore, from September 1, 2016, the standard was introduced as mandatory for manufacturers - on the one hand. On the other hand, when obtaining a permit for operation, the owner of the trampoline was obliged to present the requisites to the supervisory authorities or to the addressee in the city administration. Only after his careful study, the organs gave the go-ahead - "good".

By the way, according to many domestic manufacturers, the content of the regulations fully contributes to modern trends of safety and reduction of injuries.

Developers cancel 53487, take TR CU. What is wrong with GOST?

However, as often happens, the law does not have time to take root - it is amended. Inevitable fate befell the "brand new" GOST. Manufacturers, operating organizations and individuals only managed to adapt to new conditions, suddenly, on the horizon, the following regulations loomed - ТР ТС 038/2016, which entered into force on April 18, 2018.

From this point on, the manufacturers had to issue a declaration, and the owners of the inflatable trampolines - submit this document to the local government bodies, according to the results of which verification, to obtain a permit for operation.

New document - “old rules”

You can quietly sit down, read page by page, make sure this is an “old new document”. More precisely, the regulations contain general points for safety and risk assessment, which the manufacturer should take into account when designing an inflatable trampoline. In fact, this means that the inflatable attraction, its structural safety can be ensured by the profile GOST R 53487.

There is, however, a fundamental point in the text, and certainly positive: this paper is valid in all countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. For the owner of an inflatable trampoline, it means: within the states of the economic bloc, additional permits for exploitation will not be required.

Do not worry about those who have the GOST declaration on their hands - the law is not retroactive. Inflatable trampolines put into circulation on the market, that is, purchased before 04/18/2018, are not regulated by the ТР ТС 038 ТР until the end of their service life. However, when examining for a new document, you still have to pay, having passed all the tests of products for safety compliance.