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What really lies behind the "ultra-low" price of an inflatable trampoline?

How long will a children's inflatable trampoline last - a few months, a year or two? Obviously, this can only be verified through operation. But is such a risk always justified? - Downtime in the rental, loss of revenue, the fall of the business, and that's not all, what can turn the purchase of an attraction at a suspicious price.

Working with professionals of the trampoline business for many years (AeroMir has been manufacturing and selling inflatable trampolines), we have repeatedly heard from them negative evaluations of the operation of inflatable attractions bought at “ultra-low” cost. Comparing many of the data came to the inexorable conclusion. The companies behind the price, hide not only the declared minimum revenue, but also a banal reduction in quality, due to savings on components.

Having bought once - you can regret it twice

Under external effects, on the websites of Russian firms, it is very difficult to guess who is who? However, speaking of the presence of suppliers of inflatable trampolines in Russia with a low price threshold, one can say that these are predominantly Asian countries (and their resellers in the Russian Federation), but with one - we do not undertake to judge all companies involved in tailoring. As in any other countries, there are produced goods of different quality. The import of such attractions, rather depends on the taste of Russian resalers, whose choice falls on "cheap" and dubious equipment.   

Trust but check!

Buying an inflatable trampoline is a complex and sometimes lengthy process, and often judge the "inner stuffing" of the gaming center, you have to by the picture on the site, and the text - the description. For example, how to evaluate the quality of the material? Not prepared person, not understanding all the nuances, immediately difficult to understand what and what. But, it depends on the fabric and its qualities maintaining a form of attraction, and safety. The material occupies a special article in the cost of trampoline - about 60-70%. Obviously, but by reducing the purchase price of PVC, you can make it cheap. Unscrupulous suppliers take advantage of this, replacing it with a similar, in appearance, structure, belonging to the class of polyvinyl chloride - material. However, its density is only 630 g / m2 (or lower), whereas, as a GOST, PVC of at least 650 g / m2 is recommended. As a result, the safety of the inflatable attraction suffers. This can lead to the fact that the trampoline loaded with children will disperse at any time. Of course, this will also affect the service life - up to the allotted 5 years, he is unlikely to live.

Therefore, when choosing a supplier, be careful, ask the seller what material the trampoline is made of and, if possible, evaluate the attraction personally. The first suspicion that the material is of poor quality, characterizes its weight, usually it is lighter than its counterparts or trampoline of the same size.

Surprises: one by one!

If you have already purchased an attraction, from Asian countries (from resellers), or are going to buy, then there is another unpleasant surprise. With the advent of the mandatory declaration of trampolines, analogues from foreign countries often can not meet the standard. Neither foreign manufacturers themselves nor their partners selling in the Russian Federation care about consistency with GOST. Confirmation is served by the received declarations of attractions, which the sellers of equipment receive without laboratory tests. It is obvious that in case of detection of non-compliance - by the supervisory authority, the attraction will be prohibited for use in our country. Tangible financial losses (fines and closing of the rental) will be incurred by the owner of the trampoline, that is, directly by you.

How to check if it corresponds to GOST? Ask the company engaged in the sale - test report on inflatable trampolines. This document proves that the manufacturer or reseller passed the equipment test in the testing laboratory.

Savings in all respects!

Of course, in addition to the material, Asian manufacturers save on all components without exception. And above all, they do it, based on the conjuncture of orders - at the request of our, Russian unscrupulous resellers. Therefore, there is an "ultra-low" cost, which is 40-50% lower than the market.

Buy only proven equipment from reliable companies!