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How to prepare an inflatable trampoline for winter?

Water treatment

Remember what we usually do with summer things at the end of the season? Wash, dry and gently fold into the cupboard. The same applies to inflatable trampolines. No matter how carefully you take care of the shell during the summer, during the operation, before the “wintering” the trampoline requires thorough final cleaning.

Carefully inspect the shell. If you find a strong pollution, which is too lazy or there was no time to fight before, it's time to deal with them, otherwise during the winter they will go into the category of chronic and irremovable. As a rule, soft PVC is enough for cleaning PVC (microfiber is ideal) or a sponge (without an abrasive layer!) And soapy water, because this material is resistant to dirt. Blot the surface of the shell with a weak soap solution - you do not need to “fill in” the trampoline! - Wait 5–10 minutes and wipe gently. With proper daily care during the season, this should be enough.

To remove strong contaminants, special alkali-based detergents will be needed. The technology is the same. But be careful with the drawings. Never use chlorine-containing products and solvents. They will not only change the color of the product, but also destroy the structure of the material!

Drying by the rules

So that the moisture lurking inside, during long-term storage does not lead to the appearance of completely unnecessary odors or, worse, damage to the material and threads, the trampoline must be dried. The first and simplest thing that comes to mind is to put it under the burning sun one hot day. But this is not the best option. An ideal place for proper drying is a warm, dry, well-ventilated room, or a site similar in characteristics on the street, IN THE SHADOW.

Inflate the trampoline and leave it here for a few hours, even better for a day. After making sure that the casing is dry, twist it tightly and place it in a storage pouch. As a rule, it is attached to the trampoline. If not, you can make it yourself from dense tent fabric or order from the manufacturer.

We select and clean up the place

Protective cover - this is not the last round of defense. A trampoline bag must not be left on a concrete or earthen floor - it must rest on a pallet or rack.

Now the trampoline is protected from contact with the floor, however, taking care of the purity of the latter will be useful. Depending on your gender, sweep, vacuum, wash it - in general, put it in order.

Consider measures to protect against unexpected guests - rodents. It is not necessary to explain how their acquaintance with a new vulnerable object can end.

The golden rule of storage - a dark, dry, cool place - also applies to trampolines. The product for the winter should be "calm". No sudden changes in temperature (alternating cycles of heating and cooling will adversely affect the strength of the material), no direct sunlight (appearance will suffer). The room temperature should be above zero, however, heating devices closer than 1 m are unacceptable, humidity - within 30-80%. If there is also exhaust ventilation at your disposal, you are guaranteed to keep the trampoline in the form in which you leave it for storage.

Of course, not everyone will find the perfect room. If it is impossible to create ideal conditions for any reason, storage at negative temperatures is permissible. But in this case, it is impossible to move the trampoline or work on the casing in any way, because the material becomes brittle in cold weather. After long-term storage at low temperatures, the trampoline needs a day or two to “lie down” in a warm room. Only then can you get it out of the case, roll it out and check the status.

By following these simple recommendations, you will ensure the integrity of expensive equipment, and hence the stable operation of your business next season.