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"The devil is not so bad", or what will happen with the certification of rides after September 1

In the spring of this year, the business on inflatable trampolines was disturbed by the news that from September 1, 2016, mandatory certification of attractions is being introduced and, we quote, “no old certificates from this date are valid”. As always, when there is little information and there is no one to clarify it, a real panic began on the market. At least, many of our regular customers turned to the AeroMir office with this looming problem.

Having consulted with specialists in certification, we can responsibly declare: everything is not so bad. In fact, the following happened.

As is known, in Russia there are two lists of products: subject to mandatory certification and subject to declaration, - which were approved by government decree of December 1, 2009 No. 982 .

Referring to the increase in the number of accidents during the operation of rides and taking care of the safety of children, by decree No. 186, lawmakers made changes to decree No. 982. The list of products subject to mandatory certification added the section "9685 Rides and Mechanized Rides." In the list of products, to confirm compliance with which a declaration of conformity is sufficient, a section “9685 Amusement rides and spare parts for them Amusement rides non-mechanized” appeared.

Thus, from September, certification will indeed become mandatory for mechanized rides. And non-mechanized rides, which include inflatable trampolines, will be subject to declaration.

It is important to note that rides made before September 1, 2016, are not subject to the ruling! Therefore, in order to exploit them legally, new documents are not needed: there are enough of them that were provided by the manufacturer. No one will be able to demand a declaration of conformity on an inflatable trampoline, for example, in 2014 and to cancel the validity of the GOST certificate issued by the manufacturer for this product.

As for the certificates and declarations for newly-made rides, there can be difficulties with this. Since the procedure for issuing these documents is not yet completely clear even to specialized companies that provide services for registration of certificates. According to them, official orders to this effect will be received after the entry into force of Resolution No. 186.

However, we are confident that the transition period will take quite a bit of time, and in a couple of months all manufacturers of entertainment equipment with the necessary documents will have full order. The amusement market is adapting and, we hope, will become even safer and more civilized.