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Maslenitsa on the nose!

Keeping faithful to the traditions and keeping up with the times, you can diversify the usual program of the spring holiday with fun team rides from AEROMIRA, such as: giant gloves, boots and diapers, team skis, sumo wrestling, sumobol, etc. . This is a practical equipment made of durable PVC, resistant to low temperatures, and thick foam rubber. You can safely use the rides in the cold - nothing will happen to them. Moreover, such equipment has a long life cycle, so that it still serves you in a year or two. The variety of games that can be invented with our rides, allows you to make the program of festivities rich and truly perky. With such entertainment, drive away the winter and wake up nature is not difficult!

So that the holiday was not only fun, but also beautiful, inflatable figures will be useful for Maslenitsa. Pneumatic suit "Sun", inflatable arches and pneumoglands, inflatable scenes for collective performances - all this is beautiful and at the same time very practical, reusable pneumatic decorating, which will solve the problem with the design bright and unusual! Products are made from durable synthetic fabric and equipped with weatherproof fans. They can be inflated and blown off countless times! With modern, high-quality equipment, Maslenitsa will otpomit to fame!