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Winter! The distributor triumphs

Perhaps, it will seem unnecessary to someone, but it is worthwhile “on the shore” to deal with concepts. Winter are considered rides designed specifically for use in winter, and for commercial exploitation, that is, for the organization of rental. Why is it so important to clarify? Because, hoping traditionally at random, some owners of the rental business use the same equipment all year round. In the summer, tubing and bananas roll on the water surface or on a soft surface, in winter - on snow. Due to the margin of safety, which lay the producers of such an inventory, for a while it can continue. But only until there is a security issue (we emphasize: customer security). Because even at low speeds with reliability and stability jokes are bad.

Russian winter creates far from the most friendly conditions for both skiers and for what they ride. And this “challenge” has to be answered. For example, a winter banana is not at all for beauty supplied with black stripes on the “belly”. These are special rubber guides that increase friction in the right place and, thus, allow you to stay on the chosen course on slippery ice.

Winter tubing is different from summer one just like your warm clothes are from light ones: it is also multi-layered. Inside - a reliable car camera, which not only holds the shape of the product, but also protects against impacts on a hard surface in the process of sliding and the accompanying jumps / landings. Outside - durable PVC, reinforced on the bottom with an additional layer of the same material, but having an increased density. Summer tubing, as a rule, deprived of such measures of protection, when interacting with the rough surface of snow-covered slopes, will quickly become useless.

Replacing the wrong summer equipment for special winter is not too late. You can buy tubing in bulk, purchasing a couple of winter bananas at the same time, at a trusted manufacturing company - at AEROMIRE!