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Water rides, or How to make money on water

How to make money on a water attraction

Thirst for rest

It is safe to say that by the end of June the swimming season started in most regions of Russia. At least where it basically opens in the summer - for sure. So, tired of the heat of the human masses now prefer to spend as much time as possible near the water. Part of the rest does not change the old habits - and rushes to the "wild" coast. And the other, more and more numerous, goes to organized sites with many opportunities for outdoor activities, including inflatable water rides .

The need for such cultural recreation is growing as fast as the Russians get used to the charms of foreign voyages. And let the nearest accessible beach be neither Asian nor European, no one wants comfort and healthy fun here too. Watermelons and seeds are no longer in trend.

As you can see, the desire is there. It remains to make it coincide with the possibilities.

Business with open arms

Business on water rides - sounds, of course, solid. Perhaps this scares some potential owners of their business. And there is nothing to be afraid of: behind a serious name there are flexible conditions for launching, a simple design and the most grateful kind of activity - to give people joy and fun.

First of all, it is necessary, of course, to weigh and calculate everything. Analyze the surrounding area for the availability of suitable recreational areas with access to water. Whether it will be a seashore, a lake or a river is not important, the installation of water attractions is possible both there and there. You just need to understand which of the nearby beaches is the most popular and crowded. The constant flow of a large number of customers is the key to success!

Choosing a place, feel the very possibility of installing rides here. This will have to find the owner or tenant of the land plot. With his approval and approval, you can proceed. Such a sequence is optimal, because otherwise you risk at the last stage, already having documents and equipment on hand, will face the problem of an urgent search for a new location. And time, especially lost, - as you know, money.

The following “paper” stage (registration of the individual entrepreneur or limited liability company, registration with the tax inspectorate, registration of the agreements reached with the owner or user of the desired piece of land) is deliberately omitted. First, for any adult it is not difficult. Secondly, the questions arising in the process are much better and will be answered in more detail by lawyers or specialists of authorized instances.

When all the formalities are met, the most interesting thing remains - to buy and install equipment. And it does not matter what your starting capital is. This business is good because it allows you to start small. Do you have enough money for a water banana ? Start with him! Of course, rental income will be modest. But he will and will eventually expand.

As for the price list, it is impossible to make recommendations in specific numbers here. Conditions, as always, dictated by the market. And if he allows, the price of your services can be quite high. Tempting, right? So maybe it's time to buy water rides?

Harmless tips

Considering the various options of attractions, make sure that your customers always have a choice. This does not mean that you definitely need to put an inflatable water park (although this is a win-win option). Even a few inexpensive rides can diversify leisure travelers.

Why is this so important? Because different categories of clients may have different preferences, and they must be “hit” by the maximum possible number of points in order to increase your well-being. Combine entertainment for children and adults, for a relaxing holiday and for extreme. For example, small inflatable water slides or water swings and a catapult blob or water ball .

It is even better to combine water and, so to say, land rides, entertainment. Thanks to this, the one who originally came, for example, to jump on a trampoline, will certainly not be able to resist the temptation to ride a banana. And mom and kids need to do something while dad runs in aquazorba ...

An additional “trick” that can also be used is the ability to navigate! The ease of installation of water rides makes this business very mobile. In the presence of agreements with several sites, you can move between them as much as you like and when you want. Such movements are especially effective during mass holidays, such as the Day of the City or the Day of Neptune, when the number of your potential clients increases many times!

And most importantly - wherever you "get up", do not forget about security requirements. There are no documents that would unambiguously regulate the places and methods for the safe installation and operation of water inflatable attractions. At least we are not aware of the existence of such. However, guided by common sense and simple calculations, you can reduce the risk to nothing. For example, install floating fences on the water surface used, arrange the rides at a sufficient distance from each other, take into account the depth of the reservoir during the operation of rides involving the immersion of a person in water, etc.

Observing these simple recommendations, over the summer you can make money on a careless winter or, on the contrary, to expand your business to the all-season scale. After all, you want to relax at all times of the year, and we have rides for any weather.