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Inflatable advertising: the rules of the game

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Надувная реклама правила игры

Letter of the law

First of all, it is worth understanding what relation inflatable constructions have to the advertising market. And whether? After all, you will not find such graphs in classic textbooks. Suddenly, the requirements for installing advertising on them do not apply at all?

It should be said that the advertising media market is constantly evolving. Innovations appear here annually. It takes some time for the best of them to take root and get the “right” to be included in the training base and regulatory framework. So it was with projection advertising, which only recently came under the effect of Law No. 98-ФЗ “On Amendments to the Federal Law“ On Advertising ”.

As for inflatable advertising structures, they are mentioned in the very first edition of the Law “On Advertising” (2006), although they are represented only by balloons and balloons. Aeromenes, arches, and volumetric figures that have appeared in recent years have a slightly different, “ground”, specificity, and while, apparently, they are waiting for their turn to be added to the legislative base. However, not expressing directly in the law, as constructions advertising something that has a tangible form and “attached” to the place of deployment, they fall under the definition of “other technical means of stable territorial distribution”. It is logical to assume that the requirements for the installation and operation of advertising should apply to them. But again the question: is it all?

Advertising? Not an advertisement!

Without overloading you with references to laws and articles, we note that not all information can be unconditionally recognized as advertising. So, for example, the word “Sport goods” on the aeromena, without any slogans or appeals, is simply an indication of a whole group of goods. Advertising is always aimed at the formation of a lively interest in a particular product having a brand, model and other signs that distinguish it from a number of similar ones. So, formally, such an aeromen will not be considered an advertising structure, and no permits will be required.

There is another nuance: as you know, information such as the company name, location, and mode of operation are not related to advertising. Usually these data are placed on the sign and do not imply any approvals. If they are applied, for example, to an inflatable arch and set it above the entrance group, that is, in the immediate location of the organization’s activities, then the inflatable structure can be equated with a signboard and installed without permits. But if the arch will stand at a distance and at the same time actively, with the help of the corresponding inscriptions, invite the public to your store, it will most likely be recognized as advertising.

By the way, the place of installation in this matter plays an important role. For example, it is not necessary to request permission from municipal authorities on advertising structures (inflatable or not - it does not matter) that are placed indoors. It is only necessary to agree directly with the owner of the occupied area. Any constructions that are put up next to the store in the morning and “hide” in the evening do not need any special legal procedures on the part of local governments either. Of course, all of the above are legal subtleties. In order not to anger the various inspection authorities and not to argue with anyone, it is better to contact the authorized body for advice.

Not "fire, water and copper pipes"

It is possible to talk about obtaining permission only if the inflatable advertising structure will constantly, for a long time, show off on the roof, the visor or any other part of the building. And if this case is yours, then first you have to go through several stages. First, enter into an agreement for the installation and operation of the advertising structure (that is how it should be called!) With the owner of the property that is planned to be used. Secondly, go through a series of approvals, collect the necessary package of documents and submit an application for issuing a permit to the authorized local government body.

Describe the process in more detail is simply impossible. As in different areas, cities, the issuance of permits is entrusted to different instances - various departments, offices, etc. In addition, much depends on who the owner of real estate advertising used for the installation of real estate is a subject of the Russian Federation, a municipality, an organization ... call a minute affair. But it is definitely easier and cheaper than subsequently responsible for the unauthorized installation of advertising.

As you can see, the problem of licensing procedures in practice turned out to be somewhat exaggerated. Competently approaching the design and selection of the placement of an inflatable advertising structure, you can generally bypass it.