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Aeromosts: dance, advertising, dance!

The similarity with the man and the dynamism make aeromen excellent companions and instigators on any occasion. And here it does not matter how the figure looks. Even simple, universal options will cause positive emotions by the very fact of their presence and characteristic movements. In addition, such products, bright, beautiful, but not having a pronounced individuality, can "migrate" from one event to another and will have the same success everywhere. If you like just such aeromen, you can buy it quickly and not expensively. It is worth recognizing that such products are very rarely available. But only because the creation of stocks is simply not necessary, because the average time for tailoring aero menus is 3-5 days.

The manufacture of aeromen is carried out mainly under the order also because, as a rule, the application of advertising information (logos, inscriptions) is required. Most of these products are used specifically for commercial purposes.

Speaking of aeromen as an advertising carrier, it is impossible to ignore several of its advantages. First, it is the accuracy and content of the advertising message. In quantitative terms, of course, less information is placed on the aeromena, than, for example, on a large advertising banner. But it puts the advertiser in a certain framework - to present to the public the very essence. Believe me, it is better for potential consumers of your products or customers of your services to say a little more important than a lot of secondary; because most of them are too lazy to read.

Secondly, in contrast to traditional advertising media, aeromen, dynamic, with a unique “character”, is always perceived positively, encouragingly. The assimilation of advertising information in this case is accompanied by positive emotions and is felt as unobtrusive. Perhaps, there is not a single person who, in principle, would refuse to look at aeromen, because “this advertisement is tired”. But banners and extensions for the same reason, almost all Russians ignore.

Thirdly, aeromen most often is located in close proximity to the object of advertising. Installing it next to the store, for example, you remind the buyer of his needs and immediately suggest where this need can be realized. Seconds pass between the perception of the advertising appeal and the opportunity to follow it. Thanks to this aeromen, like a big flashing arrow, directs customers directly to you.

Finally, the price of aeromen remains more than democratic. Compare it, for example, with the cost of outdoor advertising for the month. The dancing men will win. Compare the cost of these advertisements with their effectiveness - the result will be the same. Banners, extensions, billboards are expensive, while due to the large number and uniformity of their efficiency tends to zero. Aeromenes in this sense, as in many others, are simply out of competition.