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Special design - for a special day

In May of this year, it will be celebrated for the 70th time. Thanks to the large-scale preparatory work that had begun in advance, which we can judge by powerful social advertising, the approach on May 9 is already felt. And now it is clear that this will be something completely special.

Every year on Victory Day, the streets are full of flowers, red banners are flying everywhere, patriotic songs are heard from the scenes and squares, and closer to the night the sky is lit up with colorful lights of fireworks. But since this date is a jubilee, it is safe to say that local authorities will try to surprise, please the townspeople and villagers both with the program of events themselves and with the festive appearance of the settlements.

Over the past few years, inflatable structures have been actively used to design the city for Victory Day. The organizers and the public loved inflatable scenes, flowers, arches and figures, their dynamic satellites - aeromen and aero fountains . Mobile and light, they slowly but surely regain positions from heavy stationary counterparts. All inflatable structures acquire volume due to forced air. It takes a few minutes, after which the product can only be fixed in the right place. When blown away, even inflatable scenes are very compact and do not require special storage conditions.

As for the design functions directly, pneumatic structures cope with them by 200%. Their design and manufacturing technology allows you to create a variety of original, bright festive decorations. Application on the fabric of an application or image with the symbols of Victory Day will make them thematic, and the task of decorating the city by May 9 will be solved for several years ahead. A more versatile option is the use of interchangeable banners that are attached to the shell and vary depending on the celebration. Such "clothes" will allow to decorate with the same designs practically all holidays.

As a manufacturer of inflatable design products, we sincerely hope that our products will help at a decent level to organize and arrange the upcoming celebration. Thus, we will contribute our modest contribution to the celebration of this great day.