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Prices for inflatable trampolines: in search of balance

In fact, the need to raise prices has ripened even earlier - in the fall, when the exchange rate crawled rapidly upwards. After all, the more rubles I had to pay for one dollar, the more expensive the materials and components supplied from abroad were for the production of inflatable trampolines. The higher the price of suppliers, the greater the cost of products from manufacturers. The most honest, conscientious companies, if possible, refrained from this, hoping that an expensive dollar is a temporary phenomenon, and “floating up” at the expense of warehouse stocks. But the currency has not fallen in price, and stocks of finished products are depleted. Prices for commercial inflatable trampolines rushed after the course. With most companies. The seemingly simple logic actually turned into far from simple solutions. How much to raise prices in order to cover the increased costs and at the same time not to go beyond the limits of the client’s budget because of the crisis? In search of an answer to this question, manufacturers of trampolines have to balance on the edge between their own profitability and the limit of customers' purchasing power. As you can see, not to profit.

However, this situation has a downside.

Firstly, for manufacturers this is a good chance to switch to domestic materials, which, in quality, contrary to popular opinion, are not inferior to imported counterparts, but they are still cheaper. Of course, we are not talking about general reorientation. However, even partial import substitution will give buyers a choice: a more expensive trampoline made from PVC of foreign manufacture or relatively affordable from Russian materials.

Secondly, any crisis situation clears the market. We have already been convinced of this more than once: big, common difficulties for all make business mobilize - look for new opportunities, use resources economically, introduce new technologies, develop unique offers, improve service, etc. The market of inflatable trampolines in this sense does not differ from the others. Ask: so what? And the fact that as a result, buyers, customers, customers benefit - in general, you!