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Trampolines according to GOST: reliability plus safety

Surely, little fans of this type of entertainment did not notice anything special in the past summer, but the number of such venues has somewhat decreased. The fact is that in 2014 large-scale inspections of inflatable rides for their safety took place. Local authorities began to study more closely the packages of documents submitted for obtaining permission to install inflatable trampolines in courtyards and parks. According to market participants already working in this area, control over the condition of the equipment and the conditions of its operation has increased markedly. In many cases, representatives of administrations, management companies and prosecutors were interested in the presence of certificates of conformity with GOST for inflatable attractions.

I must say that in fact, inflatable trampolines and slides are not subject to mandatory certification. However, bona fide manufacturers, who care about the safety of visitors, undergo this procedure voluntarily. Although the regulatory framework is constantly growing and changing (several GOSTs have entered into force literally in the summer of this year), the main document regulating the requirements for precisely inflatable attractions is GOST 53487-2009 “Safety of rides. Inflatable play equipment. Safety requirements. Test methods. GOST 55515-2013 is closely connected with it. “Inflatable play equipment. Safety requirements for operation. The first one is written for developers and manufacturers of amusement rides, the second one is for those who exploit them (and it is with its failure that, as a rule, the main claims of the inspection authorities are connected).

It does not make much sense to retell both documents. This information is publicly available, and anyone can easily read it. It is worth paying attention to the following: acquiring an inflatable trampoline, which corresponds to GOST, and correctly using it, you not only facilitate your communication with regulatory authorities, but also, most importantly, ensure the safety of your little clients. Because such evidence is not just a “piece of paper”, but a real confirmation of the quality of the product.

Data is relevant at the time of this writing, that is, in 2014.

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