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New arrival: the best trampolines buy in the spring!

New trampolines 2019

Jump, run and slide down the hill, perhaps, this is the most intimate dreams of any child. However, it is not always possible to do your favorite thing. You don’t jump on the street, without special equipment, you don’t roll too much from a wooden slide, and you don’t run at home, there is no place.

And even the time gained on a children's inflatable trampoline, can not always please. In the summer, there are so many kids on the gaming attraction that it’s not that it's about running or sliding, or even moving around is difficult without colliding with their foreheads. The reason is that until recently, the models were designed exclusively on one cramped platform, along with a slide and a hopping zone. This actually gave such inconvenience ...

This year, we designed comfortable gaming centers, making several products with separate sections, dividing areas for skating and jumping (Dino Park, Pirate Ship, Robotics. See below). This allows, without interfering with each other, one child to ride from a hill, and the other to enjoy acrobatics.

It should be noted that these complexes have 2 in one - an excellent commercial potential. First, due to the greater capacity. And, secondly, due to the improved layout - playing them is safer, which attracts young visitors and convinces their parents of the correct choice.

And a few trampolines, while in stock!

In addition, we have expanded the line and traditional models. To whom everything is also to your taste bright and colorful themed trampolines and trampolines-slides - contact us!

Hurry up to purchase from availability! The quantity of goods in stock is limited.

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