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Inflatable figures and exhibition structures for decoration and celebration of Shrovetide

Inflatable figures for Shrovetide, decorations and decorations for festive festivities, exhibitions and shows.

Shrovetide will go like "oil" if the inventory from "AEROMIR"

Slightly less than a month left to Maslenitsa. In the national calendar, its celebration is marked by noisy wires of winter, burning stuffed animals, fun games and fun. It is difficult to argue, but on the one hand, this mass celebration should take place in traditional colors, and on the other hand, Shrovetide symbols should attract the attention of the public, which is very difficult to interest in recent times!

Catalog Shrovetide

Every year, municipal institutions and private firms choose bold ideas and solutions. Their secret is that the organizers of all levels, uses an unusually realistic, emphasizing the traditional color - inflatable products. Figures are literally sewn into segments, acquiring any shape and bends. Due to which the products have the most daring design, they repeat the images of national heroes and scenery that has been established over decades. Therefore, aerofiugury solve two very important tasks: they subtly emphasize the atmosphere of celebration and, what is important, increase the flow of visitors to your venue.

Of course, with the help of inflatable structures, almost all the tasks of decorating Shrovetide festivities are solved. Scenes, arches, pneumatic costumes, tents and tents, dancing men and much more - exactly what will be necessary for organizing a holiday.

Fortunately, inflatable products for Shrovetide are not uncommon on the market, so it’s not a problem to buy them! Especially if you contact the company "AEROMIR". With us you will always find products in the presence and under the order, which we will do quickly. In our catalog there are also matryoshka dolls, samovars, teapots (in various colors), the “Sun” pneumatic suit, an arch and aeromen painted in “Khokhloma”, a “Pebble” pneumatic figure, and frost-resistant, reliable team rides for fun competitions.

Whatever the weather, fell on Shrovetide - moderate or frosty, no winter moods are terrible for the event. Be sure, our figures will not let you down, even if the thermometer is in the region of -30 ° C ... + 30 ° C.

Thus, the farewell of winter with us will go like clockwork, especially if you order inflatable figures in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara right now. We deliver products to all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Take a look, these decorations, will fall exactly to the court, for the celebration of Maslenitsa!

In addition, you can always order figures, decorations or pneumatic costumes for the upcoming holiday on an individual order. To do this, write or call us, and tell us about your idea!

Catalog of goods for decoration and celebration of Maslenitsa

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