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Inflatable figures, rides, exhibition structures for decoration on March 8 and May 9

The New Year's party crackers did not have time to die out, but they were not far off on March 8 and May 9 And, of course, in order to have time to prepare for the upcoming holidays, you must now think about the upcoming organization of spring events. It is no secret that the preparation process takes time and energy, because this procedure is often lengthy and time consuming. As a rule, there are plenty of plans, and for everything about everything, only a few dozen days to be "in all arms" for World Women's Day and Victory Day.

On the market there are many options for good design, as well as, there are a lot of opinions about how to do more and practical. However, more and more often, the main requirements are: service life, shape, price, mobility and beauty. Obviously, if it is not difficult to find products by the first three criteria, then a design that would include all five points is rare.

In recent years, inflatable structures have rightfully occupied their niche in the field of design objects. The relative cheapness, mobility, long service life, expressive style, that with a detailed approach to design can be translated into the most daring ideas and solutions. And this is not the whole list of benefits. Aero figures are created for every taste and color, whatever form. This means that you can fully provide the festive event with everything you need: from entrance arches, aeromenes, inflatable figures, scenes and tents to a photo zone, imitation of a flame, aerofontans, pneumatic flowers and inflatable stands.

Thus, the high mobility of pneumo-structures is ensured by their production feature - the products consist of lightweight material sewn between the segments, and the shape of the figure itself is maintained by constant fan pumping. Therefore, when folded, the design takes up little space and is lightweight.

Aero figures are convenient in operation. In a matter of minutes, they acquire a given shape, while they are attached to the surface with “improvised means” - with pegs and laces. Due to this, the structure can be operated with wind gusts up to 12 m / s.

Perfection of forms and brightness of the figures is achieved by the smallest detail of each segment and sublimation printing. The ink penetrates into the internal structure of the fabric, thereby obtaining expressive images, ensuring the durability of printed drawings and inscriptions.

Inflatable figures, rides, exhibition structures for decoration on March 8 and May 9.

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