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Soft% at 20 per annum and installments without% - choose the product, pay by the month!

Choose a product, pay by the month!

You can buy on credit installments

Of course, we cannot change many economic factors in a country, however much we would like, for example, the lack of money from businessmen. However, in this or that situation we try to gain benefits for clients in the current market conditions. At least, from January to August, applications for loans began to come to the AeroMir office. Therefore, we decided to improve the terms of the loan.

After negotiations, we received from our long-time partner Europe Bank, convenient conditions for increasing approval on request, and in addition, and most valuable, new interest rates and installments under “0”.

So, giving one passport, you get the amount of 150,000 rubles, and upon presentation of another document - twice as much! All this, indeed, at a convenient interest rate of 20.8%.

It will be even easier for customers who have money, by making an advance payment for the goods of 50%, they will receive installments without interest, with a soft maturity of up to 12 months.

However, a common, indisputable innovation - we changed the system for filling in questionnaires, or rather, we transferred this responsible task to our manager. Due to this, the chance for the approval of the application has increased many times. A specialist of the company will sort through all the submitted data and documents, and give the bank already accurate and complete information to make a positive decision.

Calculate overpayment?

For example,

Trampoline cost: 300 thousand rubles.

Loan term: 24 months (2 years);

Down payment: 20% (60 000 rub.)

Loan amount: 293,160 rubles.

Percentage: 53,160 rubles.

Total: 353,160 rubles.

Overpayment for two years is 53,160 or 20%, and the monthly payment is only 12,215 rubles.

Do not believe? Check out!

Choose an attraction, make a loan amount, pick up a loan term and a convenient monthly payment on a loan calculator !

After that, fill in the loan / installment application form, and by clicking on the "Checkout" button, in the drop-down box, download copies of documents. This data will go to our manager for processing. Wait for a call from our specialist to clarify the details ...